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Wednesday 30 July 2014

Our Top Cake Recipes

Cake. Chocolate cake, fruity cake, boozy cake, fancy cake. We love cake. All cake. Trying to round up our all-time favourite cakes from over five years of DS cake-appreciation is a little like trying to pick your favourite child or choosing between gin, unicorns or cats. Just for you, though, we've done it. So, grab your mixing bowls and prepare yourself for a marathon baking session!

Whether you need a quick and simple chocolate cake or something more on the triple chocolate fudge lines, we've got you covered. You don't even need a well stocked cupboard or much baking equipment to bake a brilliant celebration cake.

As well as the tried and tested pairings of chilli and chocolate and chocolate with orange, we've added cinnamon, mulled wine and passion fruit to our choccy cakes.

Chocolate and nuts are best of friends, and chocolate chestnut cake is a great place to start. Our pecan brownie pie is a seriously wonderful invention, while this Daim Bar truffle cake is rich and indulgent - you simply have to try it. Oh, and all three of these cakes are gluten free!

Take chocolate, add booze: everyone's happy. Tiramisu cake takes both those things and adds coffee and cream. Prefer white chocolate? Try our limoncello loaf cake.

If you've ever had that, "is it a cake, or is it really a biscuit?" conversation, this giant jaffa cake will settle the argument. Definitely a cake. A boozy, wobbly, delicious cake.

Yes, we'll put booze in all kinds of cake. Brandy goes well in toffee apple cake, but rum suits carrot cake better.

In spite of Nick's best efforts, we seem to gravitate towards big fruity cocktails, preferably ones with paper umbrellas and sparkly bits on the straws. Piña colada is one of our favourite cocktails, the cake is pretty awesome, too. And then there's the fabulous Mojito cake! It's one of the most popular recipes we've ever featured, for damn good reason.

Pimm's is the most summery of all the fruity cocktails, and we love our Pimm's cake just as much. Ever tried a Love on the Run? Our cake version is just gorgeous

Hello, raspberry liqueur, you sexy thing. Our raspberry Revenge cake is a brilliant way to use your Chambord. If you're on the wagon, get your raspberry fix from this pink lemonade cake instead.

Berry Pavlova cake. Need I say more?

Cheesecake counts as cake, right? It's baked and it has the word 'cake' right in there in the title after all. We've got hot cross, white chocolate and gluten free Crunchie baked cheesecakes, all for you.

Cheesecake brownies combine two of our favourite things, so do Snickers brownies and after dinner mint brownies for that matter. Go dairy free with our chocolate cherry brownies, gluten free with s'mores brownies, or eschew chocolate altogether with lavender and caramel brownies.

Lavender is a beautifully delicate addition to a cake, it pairs rather well with lemon. For more floral flavour, try orange blossom cake.

By now, you'll need a break from the oven. Never fear! Malteser chocolate tiffin and no-bake birthday cake will sort out your cake cravings without raising the temperature of your kitchen. If your kitchen is already too hot, out Twister ice cream cake will cool you down.

If you need cake in a hurry, you need emergency cake. Our coconut and raspberry microwave cake is ready in minutes. So's our emergency mug cake and it has a surprise orangey centre.

We love a surprise centre in our cakes. Salted caramel inside chocolate cakes, custard inside vanilla and brandy cakes are just how we roll. If cupcakes are too small fry, go big with our sweet filled piñata cake

We'll even hide exciting layers and shapes inside our cakes. From shade of pink in our fetch Mean Girls cake to a unicorn in a humble loaf cake, we've enjoyed surprising you.

Phew! Let's finish with something big, boozy and unashamedly naked.


  1. Ahhhh the Orange Blossom Cake! Utterly divine and asked for again and again!

  2. That pavlova cake is a thing of beauty.


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