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Thursday 17 July 2014

Ridiculous and Brilliant Prints For Your Home

When buying prints for my home, my rules are (1) does it make me laugh? and (2) will I still love it in a year? I go for ridiculous prints that make my friends say "uh.. is that... Harrison Ford / a vinyl tiger / a confused dog?" To which I proudly say yes, yes it is. They either laugh or look confused. This is fine.

So come, take my hand, and let us peruse prints that will cheer up your walls and make your friends tilt their heads to one side and ask exactly what you're doing.

When I applied for the post at Domestic Sluttery, I wrote about this print, No-one Wants To Play Sega With Harrison Ford. Things I love about it: the title. The aqua background. Harrison Ford's cross face (click the link for the full effect). The concept. The fact it got me this gig. It's by Brandon Bird and you can get a copy for $7 plus $9 postage, which is about £9 altogether.

Over on Etsy, Paul of Navarone is busy detailing the inner workings of dangerous animals in his 'Do Not Be Scared' range. For example, did you know tiger guts lead to San Francisco and a new start? You do now. His pieces are like tiny parallel universes, all beautifully made from vinyl on glass with vintage prints behind. They come in a box frame and cost £50. Please go and have a look and read his hilarious descriptions, even if they're out of your budget.

Imagine if, instead of making the 1995 album Different Class, Jarvis Cocker had decided literature was a better medium to convey the beautiful seediness of British life. The boutique Lime Lace Interiors has done just that, and reimaged the album as classic orange and white Penguin paperbacks.Yours for £21.95.

It's a bunny diving over another bunny. It's by HAM, who we told you about aaaages ago, who document the adventures of a rabbit, horse and pig through the media of prints, cards, mugs and tea towels. Of course they do. This print is £29 (or £40 for a larger version), but do peruse their cards for more affordable versions.

Oh David Shrigley: you either love him, or you are wrong. I love his odd scribbly depictions of the mundane things in life - like, for instance, a dog receiving a bone or someone realising they have no fucking emails or a cup of tea on sale for an unlikely £100. These cards are all £2.90 from Polite Cards - so buy them, frame them, stick them up on your wall and delight in your new, ridiculous view.

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