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Thursday 10 July 2014

The Grown-Up Chocolate Company


"Please note that we cannot be held responsible if you eat all the chocolates in one go," says the small print on London chocolatier The Grown-Up Chocolate Company's shopping page.

Speaking as someone who ate half a Terry's Chocolate Orange for dinner last night (Vitamin C! Carbs! Er...there's got to be an egg in there somewhere, protein!) this would be me unless I managed to summon the will to put them in the fridge.
What's in a name? Well, inspirational drives to eat chocolate, mainly

The Grown-Up Chocolate Company has the fun, teasing packaging of childhood, and such exciting flavours and meltingly good quality that you'd believe that they've got Oompa Loompas over in Essex and Enfield, rather than humans.

This is outrageously good chocolate: like Paul A Young with some ridiculous marketing. There are nine chocolate bars, with wonderful names like Glorious Coconut Hocus Pocus, and Crunchy Praline Wonder Bar -  and Salted Peanut Caramel Cracker, which is less evocative but extremely knee-trembling if you're as keen on that flavour combination as me. They're £2.50 each.

You can buy all nine for £22, and what I really respect is the other option to buy 100 for £150. That is a significantly more devoted outlay than my periodic purchasing of a large bag of Maltesers with a Dime bar.
Baby box...
Massive box!
There is a a choice of bars, tasting boxes, and beautiful combinations of elegant, well-thought out flavours and stunning presentation. Did I take a photo when I tried them on Monday? Er, no. Why did I not take a photo? Because I was busy making all manner of terrible noises about the Earl Grey chocolate that was making my taste buds go full Les Miserables finale.

There are three tasting box options, from the full whammy Tasting Tray, which is £25.95 and comes with 31 chocolates and two bars, to the Mini Tasting Tray (£13.95) with 18 chocolates and one bar, and the Yummy Scrummy Chocolate Bites (£7.95) which have four flavours to try.

The Grown-Up Chocolate Company is stocked online, and in the flesh at all good luxury shops - unhelpfully, they don't have a comprehensive list of stockists so ask them on Twitter and Facebook - and they will be stocked by Ocado for Christmas (yes, this is another Christmas in July joy).

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  1. Oh me....oh my...looks absolutely sodding wonderful!! Heading over there right now!


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