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Tuesday 22 July 2014

Sluttery by Post: Peirene Press

Do you ever get book blindness? Sometimes nothing on my reading wishlist grabs me, or I'm still stuck in the world of another book and I can't pick up anything else for days. Instead I try reading five books at once. It's for this reason (and their gorgeous covers) that Peirene Press and their book subscription service appeals to me.

Peirene Press are a boutique publishing house with a focus on translating and publishing European literature. They never publish anything that's over 200 pages. They are experts in the interesting-sounding novella. I'm a huge fan of the short read at the moment, it's the perfect antidote for a book hangover. Under The Tripoli Sky, a coming of age story about a boy in Libya, sounds wonderful. The Blue Room sounds utterly chilling. Chasing the King of Hearts is a Polish bestseller about the Holocaust, I've never heard of it until today.

Their subscription options are varied. You get the new publications six weeks before they're released in book shops and available online. Now, they're a small publisher so don't expect to see loads of books each year – you get three brilliant new reads for £35 a year.

You can also play catch up with any of the series they've previously published. Buy all of the books for £96 or choose any of the bundles of three for £28 each. I'm so excited about Peirene Press, I like that they do something different and I can't wait to fill my bedside table with brilliant short reads.

Need more books to read? Check out our book subscription list.


  1. I picked up a couple of books from Peirene at Spitalfields market a few months back. Both were fantastic reads, I can't recommend enough!

    1. Really like the sound of the new series. Which did you pick up?

    2. Thank you Sophie for championing The Nymph! It would have been me you met at Spitalfields a few weeks ago and I am thrilled you have enjoyed the books. Do pop by again sometime or come along to one of our events and we can catch up over a glass of wine. Have a lovely summer, Jen.

  2. Oh Jennifer, you're so kind! Thank you. I'm so pleased to have discovered you just before the site closed. xx


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