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Tuesday 22 July 2014

The UK's best online vintage homewares shops

After last week's guide to shopping online for vintage clothes, I want to see your homes spruced up in equal vintage style too! Vintage homewares are a great way to avoid that identikit IKEA look (even if IKEA are responsible for almost everything else, including the kitchen sink).

If you've got something very specific in mind, I'd probably head straight for Etsy or eBay but here are my favourite UK vintage homewares shops for a good old browse. I've only included shops that let you click and buy without sending an enquiry first here, mainly because vintage shopping is at its most fun when you come in after a couple of glasses of wine and decide what you really need in your life is a vintage poodle toilet roll cover, and then forget all about it until the package arrives. (But, if you prefer shopping without such an element of surprise, I'd definitely check out The Old Cinema, Little Paris, Chase & Sorensen, Fragile Design and The French House...)

The Mint List sell a lot of very lovely things, new and old, but they are definitely worth checking out for vintage too (typing 'vintage' into the search box happily pulls it all up). They've got industrial style furniture, brilliant old letters and this rather handsome red Hungarian enamel pot in stock at the moment.

H is For Home is always full of treats. Their website is organised into categories such as 'What's cooking?' and 'Duvet Days' emphasising that their stock is really about lovely, usable pieces for your home. I'm taken with this desk lamp, a very reasonable £30, and they usually seem to have some good examples of the sought-after Cathrineholm too.

We told you about the joy that is Pedlars Friday Vintage just recently, but it's always worth checking out their vintage section for unusual bits and pieces. They have an especially good way with prints and signs. Check out their bus blinds, or go transatlantic with this New York train destination roll.

For more things for your wall, Bonnie and Bell specialise in those old-school (literally) educational charts and maps that are so fashionable at the moment. They can be very handsome too, as this Willow chart from the 1960s shows.

While we're feeling educational, I shall mention Elemental. They have a fascinating range of stock, seemingly pulled from factories, laboratories and schools across the land. Who wouldn't want their own library trolley? However, I don't understand why they have to be so coy about their pricing.

Want something to go on your trolley? How about this pretty Pelican book from The OK Corral? This shop has a well-selected and styled jumble of objects, from books to pictures to crockery.

Vintage Home, meanwhile, is definitely the place to head if your preference is for the more romantic side of vintage style. They specialise in 20th-century textiles, and have gorgeous floral examples of bedspreads and quilts, such as the homemade example shown above.

Brighton's Nanadobbie does all kinds of bits and pieces. I recommend their posters and artwork section especially. If you're still hankering after that Oliver Bonas drinks trolley we featured at the start of the month, why not check out this 1950s bamboo brass original instead?

Ruby Tuesdays advertise themselves as for "for all kinds of everything". That everything includes a great range of old fashioned phones, which have been adapted for contemporary sockets (looks just as good not plugged in).

20th Century Collector specialising in finding those bits of tableware, midcentury ceramics and glass. But they've got all sorts at all kind of prices. Start your coffee pot collection here.

Retro-Bazaar offer affordable retro items, such as these 1950s shot glasses. Also check out Pineapple Retro for their pineapple ice buckets and accompanying kitsch barware.

And while we're on the more kitsch-side of vintage, take a look at Retro Mojo. They've got collectable glass and ceramics, served with a healthy dose of kitsch. And, yes, I'd love a Babycham tea towel.

The Peanut Vendor is slightly more restrained in its taste, specialising in early to mid-century furniture and accessories, such as this cane chair. Sign up to their newsletter for a weekly stock update.

This list is all about online vintage homewares. Something that Space do brilliantly with their range of vintage and retro. But I'd definitely be tempted to hit their physical shop in Harrogate too. Space share their ... errr ... space with Major Tom's cafe/bar and the Wall of Sound record shop, making it sound like an excellent trip out and away from the computer for all vintage lovers.

Any online favourites I've missed? Let me know in the comments so I can hit up their vintage poodle section when drunk immediately.


  1. "Vintage homewares are a great way to afford that identikit IKEA look" - think you meant 'avoid'! ;)

    1. Ooops, of course I did! Now corrected, thanks Anita.


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