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Monday 14 July 2014

Sluttery by Post: Prudence and the Crow

We are very fond of books. You might have noticed, and you might even say that they have addled our collective brain. However, I've managed to keep my wits about me just long enough to bring you news of yet another book subscription - Prudence and the Crow

Run by Londoners Abigail and Peggy, Prudence and the Crow's USP is that they deal solely in second-hand books. Each month, you'll get a carefully-sourced vintage paperback, a handmade fabric book pouch to keep your book safe and sound in your bag, and a selection of other goodies to perk up your day. These might include bookplates, tea bags, sweeties, bookmarks, stickers... it's all part of the surprise! 

Your box will always be small enough to fit through the letterbox, so there will be no Royal Mail Red Card of Doom waiting for you after work, and no trudging halfway across town to pick up a parcel from a grumpy man who demands fifteen different types of identification and then tells you to wait another 24 hours before coming back. 

Each parcel also includes a library card, stamped with the date your box was assembled, and a handwritten note telling you a bit about your book, where it was bought, and why it was chosen.

And how do Abigail and Peggy pick your books? Well, you can choose between five categories - youth fiction, sci-fi, classic thriller, children's, or random. If none of the genres appeal, you should choose random, because later in the ordering process there's a questionnaire where you can share your literary likes and dislikes. And you can change your chosen genre at any point during your subscription, you fickle wee beastie, you.

Get a one-off box for £12, or choose a monthly subscription at £10 a box. If you sign up for a year or more, you get a birthday present! I imagine if you're the Queen, you get two. Sadly, I am not. 

I really like Prudence and the Crow. I love books, I love post, I love surprises, and I love ephemera. For a tenner a month, I don't think I can resist.

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