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Tuesday 29 July 2014

Home Sluttery Home: Our Favourite Homewares and Interiors Designs

Domestic Sluttery has basically furnished my flat for me: from my Mini Moderns cushions and plates to my Made chair, with a fair few whimsical detours on the way. And it's like that in all of our houses: Sian has her Magnificent Dancing Horses and cupboard of gorgeous ceramics; Sara's print wall is a treat to behold including - naturally - some Tiny Confessions, amidst all sorts of adorable ridiculousness.

How can you begin to get your head around all the fabulous homewares and interiors designers we've featured over the years? Well, our directory is a great place to start with featuring reams of places where we'd be happy to spend our pretty pennies, from the big guns to perennial Sluttery favourites, such as Graham & Green, Rose & Grey, Rockett St George, Pedlars and Howkapow. But I want to pick out just a few of the designers who have brightened our homes as well as this shining corner of the internet over the last few years.

Something you may have noticed about us: we do like our animals. It doesn't matter whether they're in the form of flying pugs, crazy cats, or those ever-elusive unicorns.

And owls. God, so many owls.

Behind many of our favourite patterns are Anorak. Whether pony duvets, bunny sleeping bags or fox boxes, they've got all of your animal instincts covered.

And when it comes to pattern, I've learned about so many fantastic wallpaper designers through this site. Seriously, when you've got the chance to put Sian Zeng, Mini Moderns, Miss Print and Aimee Wilder's Robots on your walls, why would you ever go with plain old magnolia?

I'm not sure what the collective noun for cushions is but we've officially featured A LOT over the years. More animals, book cushions, Roald Dahl cushions, incredible Donna Wilson cushions. We're really very well cushioned.

Some of my favourites have to be those featuring the unique designs of Fanny Shorter. There they go looking all William Morris, then you realise you are looking at sliced up bits of the human body.

We've loved discovering clever bits of design to make your day that bit happier. Like a castle and horse egg and soldiers set. Or an egg and toast breakfast train. Or dinosaur cake stands. Actually, pretty much all of Seletti's back catalogue is a joy to explore.

It's pretty hard to resist a gorgeous piece of ceramic. We've aahhed over animal plates, swooned over Richard Brendon's designs and been lucky enough to eat our dinner off some of Snowden Flood's numbers. (Our recipe photos give good crockery.)

The last few years have also provided me with some glorious kitchenalia: novelty cookie cutters? robot rolling pins? bunny dish racks? Yes, yes and thrice yes.

And I can't forget some of those gadgets that could make life just that little bit easier each day - or sweeter in the case of the peanut butter maker - such as the iKettle (no, it doesn't actually make that cup of tea for you) and the all-conquering see-through toaster. Burnt baps begone!

I've bared scratched the surface of all the great homeware designs we've featured over the years: if you want some interiors inspiration, do have a rummage round the Home Sweet Home and Design Porn tags. There's loads of inspiring things hiding there. May all your homes be slutty ones!


  1. I fell in love with Anorak through DS - my stags towel is one of my most prized possessions! x

    1. I do love how DS has introduced so many great designers into our homes, and our lives, over the years.

    2. Sara said yesterday that DS was going to live on through everyone's favourite purchases and homewares, that idea makes me so happy.

    3. It's true! I've discovered and bought so many great things thanks to DS. My home is a lot richer for it. I am not.

  2. That toaster is one of our most read posts of all time. Still quite surprised by that when castle and soldier egg cups exist. It's one of my favourite pieces of design.

    1. That toaster is marvellous. But I'd go for fancy egg cups each and every time.


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