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Thursday 24 July 2014

Etsy Pick: GoodMoodMoon

Today I discovered GoodMoodMoon on Etsy. They're designers of gorgeous eco leather bags and accessories. They're also massive animal lovers so 5% of their profits go to homeless animal charities. Let's take a look.

I am so crazy in love with this clutch bag. I don't think I've ever said that about a clutch bag before, but the clever grabby strap means that I won't lose it ten minutes after going out. Amazingly it's just £23.49. Those lovely colourful bracelets are just £1.93 each.

They're yummy.

This gorgeous yellow bag is meant to be for an iPad but I haven't got one of those so instead it's going to be for notebooks. It's £22.29. Seriously. Just take all of my money.

I could keep so many secrets in this tote bag. It's huge and a bargain at £33.13. The reviews are all so positive, particularly when it comes to the vegan leather. This isn't the plastic pleather stuff that you get on the high street, they're super soft. This is the real deal, just animal friendly.

It's not often I write about designers outside of the UK and GoodMoodMoon are actually based in the Ukraine so shipping might take a while, but the postage costs are just over a fiver on most bags and I can't keep that sort of awesome to myself. That clutch bag is going to be mine. Probably not going to stop at just one colour.

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