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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Bag Lust: Oasis Colour Block Bag

You can fight it all you want but it feels a little like Autumn today. There was a little bit of a nip in the air this morning. The sky is a richer blue and the gorgeous honeysuckle bush at the end of my street is gone for the year. I'm more than a little bit gutted about that.

Autumn is absolutely my favourite time of the year. Crunchy leaves play a huge part in this. So does pie and gravy. But it's also a lot about those gorgeous berry and jewel colours that come out to play.

I'm not quite ready to pack up my summer dresses yet, but I do still want to sneak some bold purples and burnt oranges into my outfits so come payday, I'm going to be all over this colour block handbag from Oasis. It's doing an excellent job of pretending to be leather, when it actually isn't. I'm all for impostor leather when it looks this good, and real suede is never a good idea in the rainy months.

This bag is £40 and has just enough of a hint of the cooler months to keep a smile on my face while I mourn the loss of the honeysuckle. Autumn, I'm nearly ready for you.


  1. I really really really like this bag. And Autumn.

    1. I'm going to carry the shit out of this bag, I know it.


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