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Thursday 16 August 2012

I'm Foxy And I Know It

You foxy thing. Oh yes.
My best-kept fashion secret is that I dress predomninantly in mum shops. Along with the Monsoon sales rack (superb dresses, far too expensive at full-price) Marks and Spencer has been my hero shop for years. Yes, even in 2006 when I was running a festivals website and had an angsty Hoxton fin haircut - well, as angsty as can be found on someone living in Clapham.

I popped into the super massive M&S in Westfield-Stratfield the other day and had one of those moments of sheer shopping joy that happens roughly once every two years, when you walk into a shop and you know that EVERYTHING you see is going to look bloody amazing on.

M&S isn't quite there yet - I tried on a lot, and the jumpers were a bit too big, and the skirts I particularly liked had amazing  patterns but a weird fit. However, I fell in love with this Limited Collection animal print top. It's £19.50 and stuffed full of foxes and rabbits in fantastic colours - and that blue is just. Wow. It's a really good blue.

Also good are the sleeves. I have a pathological dislike of my upper arms, caused by spending my teenage years working in a stable (muscles! I built them!) and then spending most of my 20s in a state of carefully artistic drunkenness (muscles! I wasted them!). Sleeves are my friend, and the ones on this shirt are a good length, as well as having enough of a flare to skim over any non-fun bits. Great neckline too, and the looser fit is very flattering, and has a nice nipped-in waist.

You can also get this print on a burgundy thin jumper for £29.50, but there are so many other lovely thin jumpers in the M&S range right now that I'd splash out on the shirt and keep an eye on the others, and certainly the autumn range when it comes in. Brilliant.

On another note, this is as good a time as any to watch this again:


  1. I saw that top in M&S the other day and gravitated towards it. My only issue with it was the price. Perhaps when I get a job I'll treat myself to it!

  2. I was also lusting after that top on a recent trip to M&S! And the thin jumpers - there's one with stars and one with horses and I pretty much want them all...

  3. Allie, YES! I tried on the horses one, but it was a bit too big in my usual jumper size - I love the owls one as well. They're fantastic!

    @teacakemake Do it! M&S tops last forever. Part of the reason I shop there and at Monsoon is because of the quality. I've never had truck with a lot of the fashionable high street names who do that price or higher because invariably they charge £40 for a seethrough piece of cotton that falls apart when you so much as point it at a washing machine.

  4. I too almost bought this the other day and have been pondering it ever since. I think this might be the push I needed...foxes! And bunnies! How can I not? Was also tempted by an owl dress but can one have too many owl dresses?

  5. I was walking out of M&S the other day when I spied this, grabbed the only one in my size, turned around and went straight to the check out. Love it!

  6. It's all a little Animals of Farthing Wood. That's a good thing.


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