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Monday 20 August 2012

Tatty Devine Posies

Maybe it's the way Tatty Devine have styled their posie range, but I'm going nuts for it. It's not easy to make masses of white flowers look hardcore. Usually they're reserved for wedding jewellery and cute girls who have ringlets in their hair. The Tatty Devine girls have edged them up, and made me covet them really very hard.

Part of the posie range is half price in the sale (that's fast becoming my favourite sentence), so the bracelet is £36 and the garland necklace is £77. There's a darker version of that as well. Not only do I love these designs, Tatty Devine was also one of the companies we've been singing the praises of when it comes to customer service. They're getting it right (free lollipops!) and I  get very excited when a Tatty package arrives in the post.

My next package might just be posie-shaped.

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