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Thursday 23 August 2012

New from Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan is a designer who I absolutely adore but sometimes overlook in favour of finding someone new and mega exciting to feature. I can't write about papercuts and ceramic tiles every week. It's clearly been a while since I looked at Rob's work, because there's a whole bunch of beautiful things that I haven't shown you. Like those gorgeous bell plates that you can buy from Graham & Green.

How cute is this egg cup? Eggs are very fragile and if you don't hold them the right way up, the yummy yolk will get everywhere. It's £10. Hello, egg.

This is just the most adorable tile. Definitely my favourite of the range. (And yes, this one still creeps the hell out of me.)

This silk scarf is absolutely glorious, if you have a spare £100 or so pounds. I really wish I did. I really like when Rob works in black. His sentimental and cute designs suddenly have a much darker side to them. Alas then it goes a little bit wrong...

My goodness. No more ceramic cats allowed, Rob.

Luckily, the phrasing looks rather lovely on one of his new plate designs. Let's take the world apart and put it back together again but even better.


  1. Replies
    1. Hmmm. Perhaps they're just so different to what I expect from Rob Ryan. If they weren't by him, I certainly wouldn't have written about them.

  2. I bally love the cats!!! I love the play on the traditional's very Grayson Perry!

    I went to Ryan Town at Columbia Road finally, a couple of weekends ago....I loved his stuff already but it was even better to see it all together there! I totally fell in love with the slogan: 'You can still do a lot with a small brain'....I desperately want the tile with it and a little bird on!


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