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Wednesday 29 August 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday: Nina Campbell

Nina Campbell is no stranger to the walls of Domestic Sluttery. Kat interviewed Nina last year after she stayed at Ellenborough Park - a glorious hotel and spa (with a scandalous history, hooray) designed and decorated by Nina. Now, don't get me wrong, Ellenborough Park is beautiful. But rather than elegant and traditional, I like my wallpapers slightly quirky and Nina happens to have some of those for me to swoon over.

This aquarium wallpaper is my favourite.

It also comes in a dark colourway. I think I prefer the pale one, but both would look striking.

The Promenade design is gorgeously whimsical. It looks rather traditional, but I don't really see chaps mowing lawns on many wallpaper designs.

Here it is in action. The blue is the perfect shade.

Parrots, roses and butterflies. Who can't be taken with parrots on perches?

Impressively, the wallpaper doesn't cost the earth. It's around £54 a roll from Wallpaper Direct. Classy quirk is my favourite and Nine Campbell's papers make that a very easy style to achieve.


  1. My local pub has a wall of Promenade. I've always loved it but could never work out who designed it - so thank you! If only I hadn't done all my wallpapering...

    1. I like the lawn mowing man.

      Have you done all of your wallpapering? You haven't done your bedroom yet, have you?

    2. No, but like the overly keen wallpaperer that I am, I already have the paper!

    3. Ooooh, what did you go for?


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