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Wednesday 29 August 2012

The Most Amazing Macarons EVER

Robot macarons by Lou Lou P's Delights
As a massive fan of both cake, and baking impresario Miss Cakehead, I've always been a bit sad that I am far, far too wussy to go to any of her marvellously demonic Eat Your Heart Out exhibitions. An X-rated cake shop, they showcase the best in both baking, decorating and squishy imagination - and as someone who felt ill for a week after hearing the plot to The Human Centipede, I'm happy to leave the visiting to those with stronger stomachs. Big wuss.

Red velvet emergency macarons
One of her exhibitors this year is giving me palpitations for all the right reasons: Lou, aka Miss Insomnia Tulip, proprieter of the Leeds bakery Lou Lou P's Delights. Don't tell me you don't need a box of emergency macarons, they would be so much more comforting than a fire extinguisher (unless you had a fire, in which case probably more comforting but considerably less helpful).

The woman is a decorating genius, handpainting cake pops, cakes and macarons in absolutely stunning fashion. I'm sorry - how gorgeous were those robot macarons? Let us drool over some more of her designs. Oh, and this was the first cake she ever made. We are all massively under-achieving by comparison.
Big 'Juicy' Macs - double chocolate macarons
If the devil is in the detail, Lou Lou P's Bakery is Satan with a cake tin: just look at these beautiful little burger macarons. And their lovely tiny boxes!
Beatrix Potter-inspired macarons
Click on the Beatrix Potters for more detail - these are simply perfect. I grew up with Beatrix Potters' wonderfully-illustrated books, and the combination of the hand painting with the beautifully-light macarons is so perfect I just want to hug myself.

Anatomy vanilla macarons
 And here we have the pièce de résistance: these incredible anatomy-inspired macarons will be on sale at Eat Your Heart Out in October. How amazing? Incredibly amazing. And yes, that's a gentleman's parts and a ladygarden right there too. Mmm, delicious.

You can contact Lou Lou P's Bakery on Facebook, or by email - you will need to get in touch for a price list. The Bakery is choca until mid-November, so save your pennies and then chat her up for Christmas. And don't forget, you can have an excellent perve over all those wonderfully-decorated cakes, cake pops and macarons on Flickr where Lou also posts some truly beautiful, fairytale photography. Talented woman.

Eat Your Heart Out: This Time It's Anatomical, 26-28 October, St Bart's Pathology Museum, London, EC1M 6BQ


  1. Wow! And just when I was in danger of getting bored of macaroons!

    1. I know what you mean. I hate that I'm spoiled by them at events. They're so precious-looking that I don't want to eat them all the time (but then I eat twenty seven in one night, obviously). BUT, I do sometimes buy a couple from Laduree and then walk down the street munching on them. It makes a change from a cupcake/Wispa bar.


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