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Monday 20 August 2012

Donna Wilson House Cushions

Donna Wilson has been the quirky designer of choice for a few years now. Here's the thing: while I totally understand the appeal, I've never really been a huge fan of her animal designs. There's a lot of love for them from the rest of the Domestic Sluts, but they're just not my style.

Despiet this, I am definitely a fan of her house cushions. They're just like the houses that I drew when I was a kid! If I'm honest, this is exactly how I draw houses as a grown-up.

They're 100% lambswool so will be super soft and snuggly (there's nothing worse than an itchy cushion). I'm actually bit a of a cushion hugger and these look like the perfect size and shape.

All of Donna's house cushions are available from SMUG (with a whole bunch of her animal cushions as well. They're £67.50 and make my sofa nap dreams a little more cartoony than usual. SMUG are also launching a pop-up exhibition which sounds exciting. Head over to their website for more information on this and their always glorious guinea pig range.

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