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Wednesday 29 August 2012

Tape Measure Bangles

It might just be a step too far into 'shabby chic', but tape measure jewellery really irks me. I don't want anything resembling a tape measure corsage. Actually, I don't want anything made out of tape measure. But when that design is placed onto oversized bangles? Colour me happy, I think they're fabulous.

They're from Rose & Grey and come in all sorts of gorgeous colours - mustard yellow, light blue and a glorious petrol blue. You get three in a set and they're all different widths rather than colours. That means that you get to play with uniformity, but the patterns that you're playing with are numbers. I like that.

The bangle sets are £28 and will go with everything. They're just pricey enough to be a nearly-but-not-quite payday treat. Can we ignore the fact that I've bought three nearly-but-not-quite payday treats already this week?


  1. disappointing - went to buy them and by the time you add postage and VAT to the order its over £38 which is a little too much I think. Shame.

    1. Oh dear. That is more expensive than I expected. Maybe just for a very special treat, rather than nearly payday treat, but I understand why you're disappointed!

  2. No the VAT is already included in the cost! Jeez people are dim


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