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Tuesday 14 August 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Swanfield Boutique

When I grow up, I'd like to be the woman in this picture please. I like everything about her look, from her peachy lipstick to her amazing woollen cape to the artfully composed backdrop.

Such is the selling power of Swanfield Boutique. Originally a travelling boutique stocking great independent womenswear and jewellery designers, they've now also opened up a shop online (great news if, like me, you've been signed up to their Facebook page since forever and never actually been able to catch it in its physical form). Their website also hosts a gallery of "women who inspire" which is where the above image comes from. The photo shows songstress Alela Diane wearing Swanfield stocked brands Kate Sheridan and Electronic Sheep.

The boutique specialises in treaty things that you know the person next to you on the train won't be wearing. Some of the things are really expensive. But their sale seems good, and a quick browse through their wares is a great way to pick up on new names and new fashion ideas. Colenimo are a new find thanks to Swanfield. Their gorgeous sailor tunic top is currently reduced to £75.

Also on a nautical and nice theme is this anchor crochet collar from Lowie. That's £25.

I adore the colours and the pretty practicality of these Kiskadee shoes by Rae Jones. They're £99 but, for that price, they'd look lovely in summer with a longer skirt and bare legs, then wonderfully bookish for Autumn with a great pair of plum coloured tights.

Swanfield rock other accessories too, from jewellery to bags. As well as one of my all time favourite bag brands, French & English Confectioners, this Kate Sheridan Rainbow bag caught my eye for £60.

The whole shop is a lovely world to dip into when you want to see some different and pretty things. I'll leave you with an image of another one of their beautiful muses. She's called Flo. I won't tell you how old she is, as it's really too depressing. And, besides, what Swanfield really does excel in - whether with their clothes or their role models - is allowing you a spot of wishful thinking.

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