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Tuesday 14 August 2012

The Just Desserts Roundup: Chocolate

The first Just Desserts club has started with a bang! Our first theme was chocolate (what else?) and now we have all sorts of recipes and blog posts to share with you.

First up is Bourbonnatrix Bakes (yep, all the way from Canada, Just Desserts is going global!) who decided that she should make chocolate ice cream. Now we want ice cream.

Then came Claire from Gluten-Free Notebooks who whipped up some gorgeous gluten free souffled mocha pots!

Amy Hill took to her blog to create chocolate pudding cups. Masterchef keep telling us that chocolate fondant is difficult but Amy's recipe is really simple. We're starting to think that they're telling fibs.

Finally, in a flurry of last minute baking, the girls at High Tea Cast came back with not one, but TWO chocolate recipes for us to share. The diabetes-inducing triple chocolate brownie heaven, and a Fast Forward Nutella Pudding with Mars Bar Sauce (pictured). They want you fat and happy, clearly.

And obviously we had to get involved as well! There's a glorious recipe for chocolate sex pots over on Hazel's blog It's Not F-ing Rocket Science and this weekend I found myself making white chocolate and pistachio fudge.

Look at all of those treats to try! Just Desserts is making us happy. Next month's theme is CHEESECAKE! Baked? Soft cheese? Maybe a cheesecake brownie? Surprise us! We'll do the roundup two months from now on October 17th. Want to get involved? Just check out the Just Desserts guidelines and make sure you link back to this post to spread the word about Just Desserts. Let us know when you've posted your recipe so we can share and use the hashtag #JustDesserts on Twitter so we can tweet your recipe. We can't wait to see what cheesecakes you come up with.


  1. I want to eat all of those puddings RIGHT NOW!

  2. Now that didn't help my chocolate craving!!! x

  3. Is there a recipe for the Nutella and Mars Bar one? - It sounds fricking amazing!

    1. Anon, it's a double post so you'll find both recipes on the High Tea Cast's post that was linked to in the same paragraph.

  4. Great, thanks!

  5. do you have weekly/monthly meets when we can get together we now live in cornwall and would like to meet others who loves eating please email [email protected]


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