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Thursday 23 August 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Fairytales & Hidden Notes

[My garden, 1985]
MY MUM [prompted by a teacherly complaint]: “Do you dream a lot when you’re at school?”
ME, AGE 6: “Yes!”
MY MUM: “What do you dream about?”
ME: “I dream about what I’m going to have for my hunch*.”
MY MUM: “And do you concentrate on lessons after that?”
ME: “No! Then I dream about what I’m going to have for dinner.”

You may say – and indeed John did, while Yoko incessantly opened the curtains – that I’m a dreamer. And you’d be absolutely correct. I fully anticipate one day being awarded the OBE for services to dreaming. Until then, thank goodness for Fairytales & Hidden Notes and their Regiment of Dreamers necklace – £16 and the perfect reminder to those around me that I’m probably not taking any notice of what they’re telling me. Sign me up in pastel blue, please.

I do like it when my jewellery is practical as well as pretty. As everyone who’s ever properly listened to the safety announcement on a plane knows, a whistle is essential for attracting attention. This musical whistle necklace has certainly attracted mine. It’s £15 and oh, it’s shiny. Tootle tootle. If you want to be even more annoying MUSICAL, there’s a miniature harmonica necklace, too

A bubble blower necklace would be perfect for blowing the posh perfume bubbles Siany showed us a few weeks ago. It’s £25 though, which is A LOT. But if you’re the kind of person for whom bubble-blowing is a way of life (clown/Blue Peter presenter/member of the Cockney Rejects), then 1) lucky you, and 2) this could definitely be counted as a reasonable business expense. Plus you get a bottle of bubbles thrown in for (relatively) free.

This heart collar brooch is cutesome, isn’t it? A little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. It’s just £15 and was sold out for a while, but they’re back in stock now. Race you for one.

Fairytales & Hidden Notes’ standard delivery is super-speedy first class, and all at a bargainous £2.50. I’ve had great customer service from them recently (a subject close to our hearts here at DS) and what’s more, everything comes very prettily packaged.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got my hunch and dinner to dream about. 


  1. Those necklaces are AMAZING! And I love the name of the shop too - brilliant find Laura! *runs around looking for bubble mixture*

  2. My goodness, bubble blowing is certainly a way of life for me and I NEED that necklace! Adore the dreaming ones too....*gets distracted and starts day dreaming.....*

  3. They're good, aren't they? I am now the proud owner of the pale blue Dreamers one, but I might cave in and get the bubble blower, too. I'm not sure I can resist!


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