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Wednesday 22 August 2012

Kitchen Gadgets: Salt pigs

The other day I found myself wandering round my local shops trying to find a salt pig. It was one of those things that I suddenly decided I needed without really knowing why or what it was about one that I wanted. Basically a salt pig is a covered pot with a large hole in the side to allow easy access to a pinch of salt whilst keeping it dry from the humidity of a hot kitchen. I've rounded up three of the best for you.
We've already said how much we love Le Creuset especially in teal and so it goes with this salt pig, available from their outlet on Amazon for £16.38. Also have a look out in your local TK Maxx. Mine had a huge delivery of Le Creuset stuff in all colours recently and they had these in. Obviously sold out by the time I decided I needed one of course. I'm still stalking round though in case one magically reappears. It happens sometimes...

Maybe you want two little pots though - one for salt and one for pepper. That makes sense doesn't it? I must confess to only buying coarse ground pepper now since my pepper mill broke and I couldn't be bothered to buy a new one (I know, my kitchen purchase priorities are bizarre). It sits in a little porcelain jelly mould at the moment but maybe I should invest in this set by Creative Tops at Debenhams. It's only £15 and you get little spoons to dish out your seasoning.

Keeping it super simple though is this Wm Bartleet salt pig from Gourmet Cookware. It's not shouting for your attention, just quietly going about its business, becoming indispensable without you even realising. That makes it a £10.47 well spent.


  1. I got the Le Creuset one in red from TK Maxx for £10 a year or so ago, I love it. Piled high with Maldon regular at the moment, but I want the smoky variety in there soon!

  2. Salt pigs on restaurant tables gross me out a bit. I don't want grubby fingers in my salt.


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