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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Lasercut Cards You'll Want To Frame

It's not just Rob Ryan who's lighting up Domestic Sluttery HQ with his magical lasercut artwork of joy. The delicacy of lasercut pieces means they look painstakingly handmade even if they're done with machines. While I'd love an original piece of handcut art, my bank balance certainly wouldn't. Thankfully, lasercut cards are gracing our shops for bargain prices. Pop them in a fancy frame, hang them on your wall, and decorating is DONE with change from a fiver.

Oh Rob, you'll always be number one in our hearts. This romantic card is just £2.50 from Paperfly. I've got it framed in my hallway as a reminder to have more silly fun.

Roger la Borde specialised in classy stationery while we were still running around Athena in short trousers. You could send this card to a newlywed couple, assuming you're not pinning it to your bedroom wall. It's £2.50, people. Rubbish cards with terrible jokes cost more than that.

Grey on yellow makes this penny farthing pop. It's £2.75 from Stephanie Davies Designs on Etsy. Have a poke around the rest of her shop. I'm quite taken with this simple tape measure design.

This birdcage design is £7.69 from skinnylaminx which, in comparison to the other cards, seems costly until you look at his adorably bonky eyes, delicate feathers and woodgrain effect card. Prop him up on your shelf and cheer up your living room.

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