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Wednesday 15 August 2012

Sluttery Fantasy: Shark Laundry Basket

Before you ask, yes - I would have one of these in a heartbeat.

I've been looking for a laundry basket for months. My God, laundry baskets are so dull. Why must they be so dull? And always made of wicker, or canvas, or wicker and canvas.

Given that I dislike wicker and canvas ones and those seem to be the only options available, the prospect of one shaped like a shark, one of my favourite things in the world, is incredible. It was clearly invented for me.

This marvellous basket is the handiwork of the Polish designer Jolanta Uczarczyk, aka Ultramaryna. Each one is handmade from polyester felt and is 120cm high.

Oh my God I want one so much.
It can squish down for storage/scaring the crap out of whoever's using the washing machine next.
The laundry basket on Ultramaryna's Etsy site sold recently, but I contacted Jolanta this morning and she will be taking orders in the next fortnight.

But while I absolutely adore the design, this will probably have to remain a Sluttery Fantasy - at $150 plus $30 shipping from Poland (almost £115), that's a bit too much for me to lavish on a laundry basket right now. Even though it's arguably the coolest laundry basket in the entire world.

I think I'll just look at the gif again instead. 

Possibly forever.

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