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Thursday 16 August 2012

Clucking Marvellous Bakeware

Despite my husband's attempts to ignore and walk past the Cath Kidson shop in Bluewater, I am always, somehow, drawn into it. I'm starting to think they've installed some kind of Caleigh-magnet at the door because I'm unable to walk past without having "a wee look". I've fallen in love with her chicken  design and I'm especially excited about the gorgeous bakeware I discovered recently. I want this flour shaker, it's only £6 and look how pretty it is!

This mixing bowl would brighten up your day. For your £25 you get a sturdy stoneware bowl that you can safely put in the freezer, dishwasher and oven so, you know you're going to use it for everything. And it's got chickens on it.

I'd want to serve gravy for my roast chicken in this jug, it's just perfect for that. If you'd rather use it to bake then you'll find the measurements marked on the inside which is great, because there's no crouching down to see where the liquid is, just look down. It's £20, probably more than I'd normally spend on a jug but, did I mention? It has chickens on it.

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