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Tuesday 7 January 2014

2014's Coolest Calendars

I'm suffering from an extreme case of lack of new calendar-itis. If you've asked me to anything, don't expect me to turn up - on the right day anyway. It's entirely down to disorganisation but I'm going to blame it on too much choice. There are some very pretty calendar options out there after all.

Fellow extreme sufferers like myself might be advised to invest in this perforated calendar from Hay at the Lollipop Shoppe for £24. With yesterday consigned to the dustbin, it's not a design for sentimentalists but it does help with that "what the hell day is it?" special new year feeling.

It's hard to go too far wrong with 1973's Colour calendar too. Each month has its own tab, and neon bright colour scheme. Basically it's telling the date for dummies. And all for only £15.

Prefer your calendar to provide a spot of inspiration? Whether you're California dreaming or have a New York state of mind, you're bound to adore Rifle Paper Co.'s reliably pretty America calendar. Each month features a different stateside location. It's £29 from Papermash.

For something a bit closer to home, there's a very patriotic feel to Paper Hearts's London calendar. Designer Nicole Thompson is London-based so she's probably seen many a charming pigeon, postbox or April shower in the capital. It's £8 from her Etsy shop.

And for even more adventures, illustrator Cecily Vessey has produced this gorgeous Europe 2014 calendar, available for £12.50. With city scenes ranging from Istanbul to Barcelona, via Edinburgh, Vienna and Athens and a host of other fabulous cities, it's bound to arouse some wanderlust.

It wouldn't be a Domestic Sluttery post without a woodland creature or two. Prism of Starling's Wolf Fox and Deer calendar celebrates three of the best, and in a miraculously non-twee way too. The work of Glasgow-based illustrator Kirsty Baynham, this design is also a complete steal - only £6.50 from Etsy.

And for utter gorgeousness to lose yourself in throughout the year, I adore this mini calendar from Lola's Room. Featuring books, music, cotton reels and pretty shoes - it's like all my new year wishes in calendar form. Pick one up for £12.20 to guarantee at least one aspect of your 2014 is going to be lovely.


  1. I've never really understood calendars that are so small that they only have room for the number of the date. Most of us can remember what day it is. We need calendars to remember birthdays, anniversaries, and appointments. If you can't write those in... what's the point?

    1. I don't use a paper calendar for writing important dates on - that's what I use my Google calendar for and my diary changes too much for that to be useful to me. But I do find it handy to be able to glance up and see what do the 13th happens to fall on this month (Monday).

  2. I bought the Rob Ryan calendar, mainly because it was on offer. Have quickly realised it is a thing of beauty and most importantly. precisely because the pages aren't glossy, pen doesn't smudge or imprint on the next page!

    1. Excellent find, and good testing too - I've ruined many a good calendar through a pen smear in the past.


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