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Thursday 30 January 2014

Shop in the Spotlight: Rivers and Roads

Though I get down on my knees and thank the universe for the internet on an almost daily basis, it can also be immensely frustrating when you've seen a beautiful dress posted, hundreds of times over, only to find it hasn't got a UK stockist - now that's just cruelty.

I'd been despairing about the lack of LA-based Dear Creatures in my life (go on, look upon the beauty of their website), when the gods of the internet decided to smile on me and award me Rivers and Roads, a relatively new website specialising in (big tick) "vintage-inspired and retro-style fashion" from (another big tick) "hard-to-find independent designers and much-loved brands". Including Dear Creatures. That means their stunning I Was Made For You dress, shown above, can be mine for £90 and without the hassles of international shipping.

As can this equally beautiful Tell Me Something I Don't Know dress (£82), or the cute AND REDUCED Shining Through The Dark coat.

It's not just Dear Creatures. Although the shop selection is quite small, it packs in a lot of temptation. There are quite a few pieces from new-to-me Spanish brand PepaLoves. This is their Night On My Side blouse, also available in strawberry or a sunny yellow for £34.

I can imagine Sara would like their Another Pearl Top (surely a girl can't have too many, especially when they are only £19 each?).

Knitted Dove, meanwhile, are the label behind The Lion's Roar dress. Though a confusing name given its stag pattern, I'd be prepared to overlook that for a mighty fine frock. I don't entirely approve of Rivers and Roads practice of naming their clothes strange things but, hey, it didn't do Modcloth - a shop with a very similar aesthetic - any harm did it?

There are some suitably winsome bags to complete your ensemble and a small selection of Betty Page shoes for sale too. This handsome pair is £68 and has been called What Are You Doing on New Year's Eve? Well, that's a long way away and I don't know yet but - if I'm dressed in any of the above - I'll be very happy.

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