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Monday 6 January 2014

Brand New Stationery for a Brand New Year

Three things happen in the New Year. 1. I spend a week not knowing what day it is (look, it's not Monday, you're all wrong). 2. I forget how to cook a real meal and eat cereal because things other than cheese and roast potatoes are totally alien to me. 3. I have to buy loads of new stationery. Loads of it. Like everything in my life will magically fall into place simply because I wrote my to do list in a lovely new notebook. That blank page is a powerful thing. Even if magic doesn't happen, I'm not one to pass up an excuse to buy some new stationery.

Notebooks for resolutions, to do lists and dreams and wishes. And shopping lists.

I'm definitely up for starting the year covered in glitter. This beauty is £6 from Paperchase. (Ruled pages, A5.)

Planning on writing an entire novel? (Me too! how's it going?) You're going to need more than one notebook. This gorgeous Christian Lacroix notebook set is perfect. It's £24.95 from Quill London. (Two are ruled, two are blank, A5.)

These cute cooper notebooks are £5 each from the Lovely Pigeon collection at I Feel Smug. They're perfect for carrying about and scribbling notes on your way to work. Or sketching that person with the cool hat on the bus. (Blank pages, A6.)

These mood notebooks are a great idea. Just switch depending on how you feel! Each one is hardback and has illustrated end papers as well as a little space on each page to record the date. They're in the sale at Howkapow and they're £10 each. (Blank pages, A5.)

This Tom Frost notebook is super lovely (and a bargain! Only £6!) Not into foxes? There's a hare and an owl version as well. Yorkshire Sculpture Park always has great goodies. (Blank pages, A6.)

Notecards for thank yous and sorrys and oh bugger I missed your birthdays.

Oooh, hello. These Paul Smith notecards from The Design Museum are a brilliant way to get in touch with people you didn't get to see over the holidays. They're £4.50 for a set of six.

Save these beautiful bicycle notecards for the people who have been really excellent. The set is £20 from Chase & Wonder and comes in a lovely wooden box.

These gold dotty cards are very handy if your new year resolution is to stop forgetting to buy a birthday card. They're £13.95 from Nancy & Betty and you get two of each design.

I'm such a huge fan of Emma Cowlam's fashion illustrations, and these mini cards are a bargain at £8 from Ink & Thread. If you want more of her work, head to Illustrated Paper Company. I really like this notebook.

Other pointless stationery things that you don't need at all. Not that this will stop you.

Give me things to staple immediately! Any excuse to use this grasshopper stapler. He's £16 from Anthroplogie.

While I'm shopping in Anthro, I might as well pick up this lovely ceramic desk set.

I promise this year I will borrow books and give them back (sorry Dave). If you had these library card pockets from Present & Correct, you could stick them in your books and feel like a real librarian. Fines optional, but the pockets are 85p each.

I don't much care that this desk lamp is £175. I'm covetting. It's beautiful. Well done, Folklore.

All of my letters in 2014 will be on my new Alice in Wonderland writing paper. Complete with matching Queen of Hearts envelopes! The set is £3.95 from Nonesuchthings.

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