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Wednesday 8 January 2014

Tall Girl Treat: New Year's Sales (And Resolutions!)

Happy New Year chaps and chappesses! Apparently kale is a thing this January. Waddya know.

I cannot be arsed with kale at the moment, but rather with making tall girl resolutions that can be kept, especially in the dressing department.

I will wear the *right kind* of too-short trousers

There is never a right time for ankle swingers that are clearly meant to be an inch longer. The only ones I have now are my ancient tracksuit bottoms, which I don't really mind wearing as I tend to be puffing along looking like a busted old accordion on legs anyway. But for everyday clothes, resolve to get trousers that are the right length for you. It's all about trousers, rather than jeans this year, I can feel it in my waters and my debit card.

For the sales, it's time to mention how amazing 7/8 trousers look, whatever your figure. I've been living in these with knee-high flesh coloured socks (I bring the sex) and my beloved Clarks Hotel Divas (£39.99 in the sale, 4.5 to 8, annoyingly sold out of their 9s).

These check trousers from Long Tall Sally are my favourites for years. The waistband is fab, the fit is great and they make every outfit look a million times swankier than usual. They're MASSIVE though, so buy them a size smaller than you would. Sizes 12 to 22 are still available, and they are £20 down from £55.

Also completely excellent (and LTS) are these blue contrast stripe trousers. The stripe makes them look really sharp, and they come with a little black patent belt. The only thing is they don't come that low on the ankle - I've got 36" pins and they come about two inches higher - still look great. They are a frankly ridiculous £10 down from £60 and available in sizes 10, 18, 20 and 22.

I'd also really recommend LTS's pyjamas (starting at £15 in the sale). Always cosy, always warm and LONG.

I will only wear shoes that fit

Before Christmas, I wrote an exhaustive email to a woman on Twitter with a teenage niece who has size 11 feet and a dismal sense of "I hate all my options". Whether you have size 3s, size 12s or size 9s, it can feel like there is absolutely nothing out there for you, but please please PLEASE make 2014 the year you finally stop squeezing your feet into shoes that are too small, or don't fit. To start off, head to the size 9-13 shoe guide.

If you absolutely can't find anything, go immediately to Shoes of Prey where you can design your perfect pair. Whether you have wide feet, big feet - they've made 13.5s before - or odd feet, they will make you shoes to fit in whatever style you fancy. Basic costs are £109 to £169 depending on what style and fabrics you choose, then there are additional costs on top.
  • Shoes in sizes 44+ (£20)
  • Odd sizes (£30)
  • Width adjustments (£12)
If the idea of designing your own shoes panics you wildly, head to their gallery and try out some of their collections. And say no to rubbish-fitting shoes.

I will keep my favourite clothes ALIVE

I'm still in mourning for clothes I had six, eight, even 10 years ago which finally bit the bullet and had to be thrown out. Could I have kept them a little longer if I'd done more darning? Or de-linted a bit more? Or taken them to a tailor?

The indigo Baxters I've had since 2006 split most magnificently a few months ago, and after realising that nowhere sold anything remotely as lovely (Topshop's tall section has some shorter black Baxters in at the moment, and I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the return of the blues) I just took them to my local dry cleaner and got a decent patch put on them.

Paying £15 to patch up a £40 pair of jeans made me feel a bit ill, but I realised this was completely the wrong way to look at it. If you have an unusual body shape, it doesn't matter how much you pay for your clothes if they look banging on. If you've got something you love, and which can be mended - bloody mend it. I can't believe it took me that long to realise that. I also need to learn to do more sewing than simply darning up socks. Mending class, anyone?

I will only wear clothes that make me feel awesome

Honestly. There is no point wearing stuff just because it comes in your size any more than there is keeping the same hair cut just because you apparently have "the wrong face" for a crop (NOBODY has the wrong face for anything, only a lack of attitude.)

ASOS check bodycon midi dress, £19.50, was £28, size 4-14
YES to bodycon!

Monsoon Paige Paisley Print Lace Dress, £34.50 was £69, size 12
YES to lace that looks like it's been done by Da Vinci!
Next Tall cable knit skirt, £12 was £25, sizes 8-18
Yes to cable knit that isn't automatically a jumper!
Tall Girls butterfly dress, £24 was £39, sizes 10-20
Yes to butterflies!

Well, basically yes to whatever you want to wear, because sod it. Happy New Year.


  1. I really wish I got on with LTS - everything I've tried from them has been poor quality or an absolutely terrible fit. I have a couple of jumpers which I appreciate for their nice long sleeves, but I'm a size 10 and their XS is HUGE on me! Yes to keeping clothes alive though - that reminds me I need to get a zip replaced on some of my favourite trousers...

    1. Oh I hear that. They go through the most incredible see-sawing - 2011 and 2013 had good design, but whenever I've ordered online, I've had to send it all back for not fitting. If you have an LTS store nearby, I would really recommend popping in and trying stuff on in the flesh. It's a completely pain not being able to rely on sizing (the Chiltern Street one is a faff for me to get to) but it has meant that when I've got something, it's been absolutely right.

      Get the zip done now! I'm getting my coat relined - just as soon as I've got something to line it with.

  2. thanks for the post, some great tips, although I can't find that cable knit dress, perhaps it has sold out. I will try LTS again, but I've had the same experience as the lady above. I did a sewing class at a local college and it was really good fun and inexpensive.

    1. whoops my mistake, it's a skirt and I've found it! Thanks again.


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