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Wednesday 22 January 2014

Accessories for Budding Indoor Gardeners

Yesterday, for the first time since last August, I opened the back doors on to the garden and was dismayed to discover that all our attempts at creating greenery had failed to survive the harsh winter storms and even the evil ivy has stopped trying to pry out our windows (for now). So in the face of my devastated garden I have decided to bring the outdoors in by starting my own little kitchen garden. Take that winter! 

In order to begin I will need beautiful receptacles in which to put my lovingly selected seeds. Like these delightfully tiny bone china pastel pots, £20 each from by Etsy seller Madebymanos.

What happens when my love of plants and ice cream combines? Sugar Cone Plant Pots, that's what! Anthropologie currently only has the green cone left priced at a sweet and creamy £16.

Speaking to my love of Super Mario is this crazy cool Golden Turtle Shell. While the opening may be small, this vase would be perfect for chives, parsley or fire flowers. When not visiting the Mushroom Kingdom, you can find it at Zara Home for £29.99. 

Speaking of fungus why not have a go at growing your own with this all in one kit for £19.99 from Firebox? Mushrooms are not usually welcome in our house but I do love the idea of watering some old coffee grounds and POOF! Food appears. 

If, like me, you're not mushroom inclined then this Grow Your Own Tea kit from the Eden Project is the perfect beginner project. Eventually you'll be producing your very own green tea! But until then it also comes with a box of the bagged stuff and a sweet little mug, all for £19.50.

Orange carrots are so 2010, I'm only eating purple ones from now on darling and this here is the Psychedelic Veggies kit from Firebox. For a mere £14.99 you too can grow zebra tomatoes.

All these pots of soil might get confusing, so these pretty Seed Labels from the V&A museum shop should help keep everything in order. At mere 95p each, you can afford to pick up one in every colour.

And lastly plants need water. Lots of it. So how better to transport it to their thirsty little roots then with this adorable Pink Bunny Watering can for £4.95 from Dotcomgiftshop

Any of you guys planning to grow your own this year?

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