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Tuesday 14 January 2014

All Homewares Bright and Beautiful

Holly showed you some bright and cheery clothes to get you through January, now I'm going to try and do the same for your home. There are no blues here, instead simply lovely colour to remind you that the world does do colours other than grey or black.

Such as the zing of yellow on this Newgate Pantry clock. Priced at £30, it'll still be looking good when the clocks - eventually - go forward. Order it from Heal's.

I would be nothing in the morning without my espresso coffee maker but I could be extra perky with this emerald green coffee machine sitting on top of my hob instead of my current standard metal one. Available in a number of different pantone colours, it's £30 from £30 from (the appropriately colourfully named) Berry Red.

Urban Outfitters have upped their furniture game recently, selling some actually nice pieces alongside the joke mugs about getting pissed or growing moustaches. This Flourish side table has nothing to do with either of those things - it's a veritable rose amidst hipster thorns. Rescue it from its surroundings for £45. It'll look just lovely in a hallway.

This sophisticated geometric cotton cushion cover comes from H&M where it is a mere £3.99 (pop into a Zara Home for the actual cushion for none-too-many £££s). It doesn't only come in green - there's turquoise, yellow and (boo!) grey too.

Who would have thought a slab of concrete could cheer me up? I'd obviously never met the sarai, an eye-popping painted planter. The plant honoured with such a planter will obviously have serious competition in the colour stakes. It's £43 from Goodhood Store.

Not as much competition as they'll have from this neon plant hanger, however. Even with gloomy skies, I would have thoughts your plants take get a least some of their light from this. It's £20. Or, for a cheaper alternative, my flat is currently being brightened by the IKEA version.

And, if just one of those colours doesn't do it for you, why not go for the full rainbow? Designer Duncan Shotton has just released these sets of rainbow pencils. They're £10 a set but you get and you'll get a guaranteed blast of colour free with each and every sharpen.


  1. My heart actually just skipped a beat at that percolator. SO BEAUTIFUL.

    1. Me too! (and not just a side effect of all the coffee)

  2. I want them all! But particularly the clock - it reminds me of the one in my primary school classroom. Love the coffee pot and side table too.


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