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Monday 20 January 2014

Shop in the Spotlight: Lovely Jojo's

I don't know how Lovely Jojo's work has passed me by until now. I do know that I have lovely Lauren Laverne to thank for opening my eyes to this horrific oversight of mine, due to her enthusiastic tweeting to India Knight a few days ago:

Obviously, as soon as I read this exchange, I went straight to Lovely Jojo's and immediately wanted everything. Top of my wishlist is her Don't Be Shit print, £25 (A2) or £10 (A4). But let's have a look at one of those maps that Lauren & Co. are so enamoured with...

We Love You, London is a delight, "full of crap drawings, musings and mistakes". It must have taken absolutely ages to draw. I love it. It's £120, which seems a lot, until you discover it's A1. That's really quite big.

While we're on the subject of mistakes, Jojo's Budding Designer's A to Z of London, minus Y print ends with, "I knew I'd end up missing a letter out. Bloody typical. Ah well, never mind." Never mind indeed. It's fabulous.  

I feel like this is the kind of advice that Sian would dispense. Very wise advice it is too. It's £15 for an A3 print, or buy it in card form for £2.75. 

And this is perhaps the sort of advice I'd dish out. I might change neon to glitter, depending on my mood. 

Jojo's Newcastle to the Coast map is EPIC. You can tell she's a northern lass. Of particular note is the massive Byker Grove reference, complete with "He cannae see man!". £85-worth of Geordie brilliance.

Poor PJ.

Never trust a woman who doesn't eat cheese. That seems reasonable. I'll make special dispensation for those of you with allergies, of course. 

...And I say bollocks to that. I'm gonna live forever. 


  1. #When# I get a fantastic new job and leave my beloved Newcastle I am totally treating myself to that Newcastle map. HAPPY TIMES!xx

  2. Excellent Bill and Ted tribute!

  3. Found the bf's birthday present. That Newcastle map is great.


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