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Thursday 30 January 2014

Top Chinese New Year Recipes

Tomorrow marks the start of the Chinese New Year. This year, it's the Year of the Horse. People born this year will be gifted, cheerful and popular, but they'll have a bit of a temper and be rubbish at managing their money. For the rest of us, the year should bring health, prosperity and travel opportunities. Hurrah for the Year of the Horse! We should celebrate this with loads of Chinese food, and that's so much more than rice and noodles, but they're a good place to start.

You could get a takeaway, but it's really very easy to make your takeaway favourites at home. Our crispy chilli beef is even gluten free! Sweet and sour fish will be a hit at any Chinese feast, while our egg fried rice is actually made with cauliflower. Tea smoked chicken is a restaurant favourite that's so simple to make at home you'll wonder why you haven't tried it before.

You'll want some starters. Spring rolls are a popular choice, why not try them with a rhubarb-y twist? Duck with pancakes is great, but we've got a veggie version that everyone will love. Oh, and a lychee martini would be an excellent way to start your meal, too.

Why not celebrate Chinese New Year with mountains of dim sum? (Why not, indeed?) Crispy lamb buns should definitely feature in your selection, just look at them! Char sui pork pastries are another must-include dish on your dim sum table. Don't forget the dumplings, gyoza or (gluten free) pot stickers, either. 

We're in love with super-spicy Szechuan cuisine. Share a fiery hotpot with friends or slurp down a bowl of addictively delicious noodles (you have been warned). You'll probably need a round of Shanghai Fizz or a pitcher of iced green tea to put out the fire on your tongues.

If you've heard of century eggs, you might rightly be a bit scared to try them. Don't worry, we've got our very own tame version, dragon eggs! They're as delicious as they are pretty.

You simply have to end your meal with fortune cookies. And cake, every celebration needs green tea and lychee cake.

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