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Wednesday 8 January 2014

Embroidered Brights For the Winter Blues

Is there anything harder harder in life than returning to work for that first full week since before Christmas? You've just gotten used to sleeping in late, drinking since 11am and eating entire cheese boards for dinner but now all the fun must end and it's horrible. If, like me, you're feeling that the dark mornings and gloomy evenings are starting to grate then allow me to blast away those wintery doldrums with these joyful and decadent embroidered beauties! First up is this brightest of blues blue dress for £32.50 from ASOS, I'm in love all over those adorable stitched roses.

For those rare occasions eye-melting-blue is not acceptable then Topshop are doing their roses on black with this rather sexy number for £55. Something about this dress puts me in mind of Edith Piaf, and now I can't stop singing La Vie En Rose, in very terrible made up French.

I'm not entirely sure about the clumpy ankle boots and bright orange furry jumper but this ASOS skirt makes me insanely happy, it looks possibly like a hallucination one might experience under the influence of something you found down the back of Jimi Hendrix's sofa. It's reduced in the sale to a trippy £42... man.

Lets overlook this pretty lady's inability to tuck a shirt in properly shall we and just bask in the soft gorgeousness of the lovely stitching. This silk beauty is currently £78 from Anthropologie - I'll be keeping an eye on their sales pages then.

Kimonos are made for beautiful embroidery (and luxurious lounging of course) and every shop has at least one version for sale but my current fave has to be this neon Russian delight from Monsoon for a very reduced £39 in their sale.

It does seem a shame to hide those bright beautiful patterns under a big dark winter coat, so why not give everyone a taste of what's inside with this embroidered tapestry coat from Bellfield instead? I have completely fallen for this quaint little jacket which is £45.50 in the sale, and doesn't resemble a sofa at all.

Last but by no means least is this AMAZING clutch bag for £35 from ASOS (who are clearly hitting it out the park with the embroidered stuff this month). I must have this in my life immediately - if anything will blast those wet grey clouds away, This Is It.


  1. Oh, I love these. I think I'm going to spend this winter looking like a slightly bewildered European peasant. The Doc Martens that are this week sponsored shoes would also look fab with this collection of clothes.

  2. Love them all - especially the blue one. I don't have much embroidered stuff in my wardrobe.

  3. I recently bought this fab embroidered sweater (no longer in stock, sadly):
    It cheers me up every single time I wear it.


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