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Friday 24 January 2014

Sluttery Sales Spy: Hobbs, Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters

This week: CHOCOLATES. And some other stuff.


NW3 Bloomsbury dress, £69 (was £139), Hobbs

I'm WELL into this dress. I wish I was actually IN IT. First of all, the fact that it is named the Bloomsbury dress makes me feel all bookish and that (all I'll need to accessorise is a spritz of a literary-inspired perfume - and since I already own three from Sian's list, that shouldn't be a problem). Second of all, sleeves. Third of all, the pattern. Oh, the pattern. Oh. Fourth of all, half price.

Louche Mydear dress, £30 (was £60), Joy
Clearly I'm all about long-sleeved shirt dresses this week. I love the woodland print on this Mydear dress from Joy. Let's examine it more closely:

Wonderful. Cervine. 


Stag bag, £22.50 (was £45), Accessorize
Another antlered friend! Isn't that just staggering? Doesn't it make your heart sing? YES. Let's all fawn over this handsome bag from Accessorize - it's less than 25 bucks.

Oh deer.

Deena & Ozzy satchel, £30 (was £45), Urban Outfitters
Shiny. This bottle green Deena & Ozzy satchel from Urban Outfitters is a thing of beauty. It promises a lot of pockets. And admiring glances.


Allegory T-straps £44.95 (was £148), Anthropologie
Why have one ankle strap when you can have two? These Allegory flats also come in bright blue, which I don't like as much as the wine ones. They are, apparently, "poised for day-to-night transitions". I think that's quite evident from the photograph. They're ready for anything, these shoes. Always on duty. Tiny shoe superhero capes just out of shot.

Leather and wood pumps, £48 (was £95), & Other Stories
I'll admit I wasn't sure at first about these carved heels from & Other Stories. I wondered, I really did. Then I started to pick up strong Welsh love spoon vibes from the flower design, and I was a convert. I wish there was a model shot so we could see if they look weird on, with that curvy heel, but there isn't. I'll just have to buy them to find out.


Zig-zag rug, £25 (was £65), Urban Outfitters
Rugs, I have noticed, are strangely expensive. If they were all hand-woven, I wouldn't mind. "Oh yes," I'd be saying, "but it's HAND-WOVEN and therefore WORTH IT mumble mumble WARP um WEFT". However, I went to art school, I know all about this shenanigans. You can't pull the wool 100% cotton over my eyes, Urban Outfitters. So when a lovely thing like this mint green zig-zag rug turns up in the sale, I dance a little Reasonable Rug Dance, and promptly buy it.

Keep A Full Plate placemats, £9.95 (was £32), Anthropologie
A moment, please, to contemplate the fact that dear old Anthro were originally charging THIRTY-TWO pounds for TWENTY-FOUR disposable paper placemats. Bless 'em. £9.95 is more to my liking, although I'll still be hoping no-one spills on them, so that I can get as much use from each one as possible.


Signature Collection chocolates, £7.50 (was £25), Hotel Chocolat
Dudes. Generally, I'm against Christmas after Epiphany. As with most things in life, however, I make an exception for chocolate. Hotel Chocolat is knees-deep in a spectacular Christmas chocolate sale, and the definition of spectacular I'm using here is this:


1. [of chocolate] discounted by up to 70%.
2. Fucking delicious.

Their Signature Collection box is down to £7.50 from £25. I can cope with its not-too-Christmassy packaging, too. Also newsworthy: these mixed bags of chocolates, which are just £8 for 300g of surprise delights. Posh choccy lucky dip. Go and have a root around everything else - the discounts are amazing.

Bought anything brilliant this week, my loves?


  1. Woah, deer bag has gone already!

  2. This week I have bought many things I was not supposed to buy. Like this very cheap and sexy undies, with a stupid name.

  3. EXCELLENT. I already have a green polka dot rug from Urban Outfitters, and it now has a zig-zaggy friend

  4. The stag bag is awesome. I may have to stick my head in at Accessorize on the way home and see if they've got one, even though I do not need a new handbag at all...

  5. The stag bag! I must have it!

  6. Urban outfitters have a 15 percentage reduction on bags incl sale items this weekend, that green bag looks gorgeous and smart! So pleased you flagged it up, as that's a store I have never checked out, as the store front has never grabbed me.

  7. Urban outfitters have a 15 percentage reduction on bags incl sale items this weekend, that green bag looks gorgeous and smart! So pleased you flagged it up, as that's a store I have never checked out, as the store front has never grabbed me.

  8. I want that woodland critter dress so badly but it's a bloody ridiculous length for us short arses. In fact all Joy dresses are always about a foot too long for me.

    1. I've been informed by my housemate that it's got a bitch of a zip and it's a nightmare to get out of. BUT I do recall ASOS having a similar one.

  9. I was about to write "The stag bag description is the best thing my eyes have ever seen", but then I got to the bit about the Hotel Chocolat sale. The TWO best things my eyes have ever seen. xx


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