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Thursday 16 January 2014

Sluttishly Vintage: Vintage Sales Bargains

As the high street shops are still full of sales bargains, I thought their vintage counterparts deserved a look in too. At least with vintage shopping there's no risk of looking 'last season' - that season was over years ago, after all!

Truthfully, vintage sales shopping can be terrifying - rather than just a season's unwanted clothes, you're looking through decades of the stuff and there's some truly horrible things out there. Any idea why these beauties might not have sold?! When faced with things like that, it's important to look at something beautiful - like the dress above - to remind you that the sales slog is worth the effort. This 1960s wiggle dress has been reduced by half price, to £82.50 at Juno Says Hello.

What other tricks to navigate the sales? Well, it's perhaps easiest to work out what decade's silhouette suits you best and start from there. And it's always worth keeping an eye out for those good basics that remain fairly untouched by the passing of time. The 1960s embroidered coat above is a bit of a showstopper (reduced to £80 at Lucy in Disguise), but you can pick up something like this classic camel coat for under £30 from Beyond Retro.

While mainstream fashion is all about boyfriend style coats at the moment, it means you can swoop in and buy all the lovely fitted vintage numbers. This 1950s grey/blue jacket from Rokit is a great investment - and at £112 (was £200) it is an investment - but its classy 50s style is instantly recognisable. It's also worth checking out the 80s does 50s style jackets too - however you may want to take out some of the shoulder pads to make them more acceptable to 21st-century eyes!

And, as ever, accessories are an easy vintage purchase. I adore this shoulder bag from Beyond Retro - yours (no, mine!) for £20. This box bag is also pretty classy.

Scarves are an easy win too. Why go to Liberty and spend £95 + on one of their brand new scarves when you can pick up fabulous originals? Lovelys has a great selection in their sale section, including the design above, priced at just £15.

As everyone else is seeking out their woolies, it's also a good time to look out for pretty summer frocks (Gemma gave some excellent tips yesterday on how to make them winter appropriate). This 50s striped delight, reduced to £59, is one of many great finds in the Love Miss Daisy sale (see also this 70s dress), while you could look extremely pretty in pink in Rokit's 50s dress.  And look, here's the perfect, 'I'm on a summer city break' bag, from Beyond Retro.

Sales are also full of those patterns that are so obviously period, they require a braver kind of dresser to wear them - these are outfits that will really stand out. Pattern lovers could try the amazing late 60s Op Art dress shown above (and note how the model manages not to look at all fancy dress party in it). Check out the cutest print on this 60s number too, and more of the same here.

And - with a little money off - why not experiment with the more outlandish side of vintage dressing up, just for fun? I've recently learnt that these butterfly tops never really took off in the 70s, but they are a brilliant way to sparkle up a pair of jeans today. This one is £32.50 from Peekaboo Vintage on ASOS marketplace. And to try out a full-on Twiggy look (which would be excellent for a fancy dress party), take a look at this red playsuit at My Vintage.

Finally, sales time is an excellent time to invest in reproduction vintage, and those independent shops that specialise in vintage looks. I've serious lust for Tara Starlet's vamp cape - especially as it's now half price at £42.50. If you want more animal-patterns in your life (I most certainly do) - Vivien of Hollywood's leopard-print circle dress is now under £100.

Collectif's sale is definitely worth a look too. And how nice for them to name this classy Frances drop-waist knit in my honour! It's a mere £24. Also going on my shopping list are Heyday's Judy dress, Dollydagger's polka dot Betty dress and Freddie of Pinewood's 40s-style lounge pants (accompanying fez optional).

In readiness for my summer hols, I'm going to invest in a pair of this 1940s-style wooden shoes from Miss Bamboo, almost half price at £50. And, final public service announcement: size three ladies should rush to buy the few remaining pairs of the glitter-heeled Miss L Fire lalique shoes. Happy shopping!

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