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Tuesday 7 January 2014

Creative solutions for your new year resolutions

Have you made any resolutions this year? I've actually made a whole bunch (and I've even started seeing them through!) I'm not so much of a rose-tinted fairy-believer that I think I'll stick to every single one and be a changed woman by December 31st, but there's a lot to be said for using the New Year as an excuse to try something creative that you've fancied for a while. So hear are a few ideas that might make your creative resolutions that little bit easier to stick to.

I will learn to sew!

We're huge fans of the By Hand London sewing patterns so it's brilliant to see the patterns being sold in Anthropologie (oh we I adore this Charlotte Skirt). The patterns are in the sale right now and just £7.95 each so if you've been meaning to get out your sewing machine for a while, now's the time.

I will eat more fruit and veg!

Eating fruit and veg is much more likely to happen if you grow it yourself. Bold & Nobl'es clever fruit and veg calendar is the perfect kick up the bum - you'll know what to plant and when! I've been assured that tomatoes taste about a gajillion times better when you've grown them yourself.

And if you decide that it's much easier to buy your veg, you'll still have a lovely print to put up in your kitchen.

I will read more!

I've told you about a lot of book subscription services and there's another one on the block - The Random Book Club. They're based in Scotland and very much want to stick it Amazon. Unfortunately you don't get much say over what comes through your letterbox. If you have specific tastes, Willoughby Book Club and Mr B's Reading Year are what you're after. And don't forget these excellent independent magazines, they still count as reading.

I will write a brilliant novel!

The advice is all true. If you're going to write a brilliant novel, you're going to need to start carrying a notebook. The solution to that gaping huge flaw in the middle of your book slight plot hiccup will come to you when you least expect it (why in the shower? why is it always when I'm in the shower?) and if you don't write it down quicksmart, it'll vanish again. I reckon a dotty Kate Spade notebook will do the trick. This one is £4.50 from Quill London.

I will cook more!

Having fun while cooking starts before you've turned the oven on (yep, this means working your way through our food and drink section). If you've got nice prep things, you're much more likely to use them. This Falcon Enamel prep set (£54.99, lovely packaging) ticks that box and you'll whipping up all sorts of tasty things for tea.

I will travel more!

Do you know Herb Lester? They create pocket travel maps and guides that take you a little off the tourist path. I absolutely love this New York collection and wish I'd had it with me when I visited last year. If your resolution is to travel more (a fine choice), they will inspire you before you've even got on a plane.

If you're feeling all Phileas Fogg, their entire travel collection is in the sale and just £88.80 - that sounds like a lot but it's forty, beautifully-designed travel guides in one very brilliant and inspiring package - pretty much how I'd like 2014 to play out.

Have you made any resolutions? Have you then used this resolution as an excuse to buy great stuff? Share your 2014 plans, it'll be like really cheap therapy.


  1. I love that Kate Spade notebook! I think that is going on my wishlist for pay day and at least one of those fab city guides - desperate to go to Paris this year so may need to buy more than one to get the best out of my trip!

  2. I always get my best ideas when out running - just as notebook unfriendly as the shower! Here's a bit more on having good ideas in the shower:

    1. I love getting ideas when I chill our - it usually happens when I'm on a train or bus. The last plot hole breakthrough left me standing in a towel, hair covered in shampoo confusing the crap out of the cat as I dripped water everywhere while writing things down in a hurry.

  3. I'm off to Japan this year for 3 glorious weeks! Now I have the best excuse to finally buy a Herb Lester map! And those sewing patterns are genius.


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