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Thursday 16 January 2014

Cool Runnings: Stylish Sneakers for Alternative Sports

That's right it's time to put ones best foot forward! Followed by their not-so-best-but-still-absolutely-fine foot and then their best get the idea. It's time for SPORTS! Yes for some reason I have woken up this week ready to take the world by the balls and punch it in the face. The only thing holding me back is the lack of appropriately cool footwear (OK and an acceptable level of fitness but first things first), but I don't want no run of the mill jogging or aerobics no I want shoes that say I get my sweat on the interesting way like these delightful Liberty print Vans which are in the sale at £41.95 (including delivery) from End Clothing.
Most appropriate for: Croquet, Badminton, Promenading on the seafront.

If we all must still be beholden to this never-ending love of 90s style then we should at least do it right. A little plaid is not bad thing and for once I'm loving the addition of that cheeky leopard print. These mean machines are £59.99 and exclusive to Office.
Most appropriate for: Moshing, Sneaking out to go clubbing, Stalking Jared Leto.

Loving the girlish touch on these Onitsuka Tiger sneakers which are all business otherwise. They say tough but cool, flirty but sensible, sweaty yet pleasingly floral. They are £49 in the Soletrader sale.
Most appropriate for: Free Running, Extreme Gardening, Shopping in Ikea

Not all exercise has to involve henious spandex and sports bras, it is more then acceptable to partake in activities that require nothing more then a pretty dress and cocktails and these fabulous flocked brogues from Nonnon are just the thing. Also in the sale at £38.
Most appropriate for: the Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Re-enacting scenes from Hollywood Musicals


Sometimes I'm just in too much of a darn hurry to bother with laces, I need to get to doing stuff now dammit! So these rather pristine classy Fred Perry slip-ons are the perfect little foot adornments for when I need to prance about quickly. Again in the sale! They're £29.99 from Schuh.
Most appropriate for: Polo, Yachting, Prancercise.

For when you need to let everyone else know what a badass mother you are then these hi-tops from Office are the kicks for you. Perfect for inflicting maximum damage with those dangerous looking studs they're a rather rich £74.99, but then you could just intimidate people into handing over their worldly goods.
Most appropriate for: Cage Fighting, Lion Taming, Ruling a Post Apocalyptic City.

I believe these to be the most amazing trainers I have ever laid eyes on. Part of the Jeremy Scott range for Adidas these Miami pastel delicacies from End Clothing look like a super dainty version of Marty McFly's futuristic sneakers and I love them for it. Amazingly they are currently reduced from £145 down to £91.95 (including delivery) Me Want.
Most appropriate for: Giving to me as a gift, EVERYTHING ELSE.


  1. I love these and want them all thank you please

  2. I just bought the Liberty vans approximately 30 seconds after reading this post. I am so easily influenced.

    Also worth mentioning that the Vans are available from office for 20 quid, and there's a bigger range of sizes there.

    Just saying.

  3. I want them all! Even though I have far too many shoes as it is, and these are all way too pretty to waste on the gym...


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