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Thursday 16 January 2014

Top Ten Slow Cooked Recipes

I'm starting to wonder if I should invest in a rowing boat, such is the weather right now. All it takes is a giant raindrop down the back of the neck, being the victim of car/big puddle collision, or discovering that my shoes have started letting in water to make me crave a warming stew, roast or curry. Even better if it's one that's been cooking all day while you've been off doing other things!

It's time to rescue that slow cooker from the depths of your kitchen cupboard. Chicken and apricot tagine is simply gorgeous, and seriously easy to make! Vegetarians, we've got tagine for you, too! Our Hungarian goulash is a stress-free dinner party dish, perfect for times when you'd rather be drinking champagne, not stirring a pot. Don't forget the dumplings! You can make them in the slow cooker, too.

Beans on toast will never be the same again once you try Boston baked beans. Deep, rich chilli con carne benefits from long, slow cooking. Add some chorizo for a smoky hint of brilliance, or try braised steak chilli for what is basically a hug for supper.

Let's not forget curry! (Could we?) Slow cooked beef curry transforms plain old stewing beef into melting, spicy curry that's guaranteed to kill your cold. Of course, if it's a hangover that ails you, we've got a curry to cure that, too. If you just can't face a meat curry right now, our kidney bean curry is sure to soothe. (Actual cures cannot be guaranteed, but it can't hurt to try.)

You can slow cook your roast, too. Our delicious sherry soaked chicken is still juicy and divine after 2 or 3 hours in the oven. For the most tender mutton you've ever tried, roast it for 6 hours! Use your slow cooker to simmer your ham hock, and you'll end up with beautiful soft ham and a flavoursome stock to play with.

Remember that even sad, tough cuts of meat are made into beautiful, soft joints with some slow cooking. Slow braised venison is, quite frankly, heaven-sent, while lamb with orzo is an aromatic dish that has the added benefit of being a one pot wonder.

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  1. Slow cooking is my favourite! Throwing stuff in a pot and ignoring it is my favourite type of cooking. I will totally bugger up a stir fry but I've never screwed up anything that's taken five hours to took. I promise to do my recipe for slow roast pork at some point, it's got quite a following.

    1. Mine, too! My slow cooker is in permanent use at the moment, especially since I discovered that I could use it to make stock. Slow roast pork sounds awesome, I need that recipe in my life.

  2. Can you do more veggie slow cooker recipes soon please? Pretty please

  3. Can you do more veggie slow cooker recipes soon please? Pretty please


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