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Monday 13 January 2014

Shop in the Spotlight: I Am Acrylic

I love acrylic jewellery. The colours! The shapes! The way it feels! When I was at art school, I would spend unreasonably long periods of time in a local acrylic shop (yes, they exist), gazing at rows of brightly-coloured plastic in the name of research. I never used it for anything; I didn't even buy any. I just really liked it. 

Then along came Tatty Devine, who made me love acrylic even more, even if I can only afford one piece every five years. And now I'm lusting after everything from I Am Acrylic, who make colourful, simple and brilliant jewellery and homewares. This embroidered bumble bee necklace has gone straight to the top of my wishlist, but at just £17, it might not stay there for long. It'll be dangling around my neck instead. 

Sometimes wood sneaks into their designs, too. I approve. This acorn necklace is £16 and is making me want to fast forward two and a half seasons to autumn. 

Stormy weather is way cuter when it's made from mirrored plastic. This storm cloud brooch is £12, and also comes in grey. Mirror > grey though. You can use it to check there's none of your lunch stuck in your teeth. 

I think the thread/acrylic combo works really well. These snake necklaces are £15 each.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and two in the bush is worth £15. They're so chubby and cute!  

Don't just adorn yourself with acrylic, oh no. Decorate your home with one of I Am Acrylic's little wall hangings, like this lighthouse scene, £35. I am obsessed with lighthouses (I once stayed in the actual lighthouse from Fraggle Rock!), so this is probably going to be winging its way to me very soon. 

I really want an acrylic mountain on my bookcase. I'd also quite like a miniature acrylic cheeseboard, because it's so pleasingly absurd. 

Which is your favourite piece? 


  1. The cheeseboard is amazing! Love the lighthouse, acorn necklace and storm brooch too. And agree lighthouses are awesome; one of my most treasured possessions from my trip round the world is a photo of me with the Round The Twist lighthouse!

  2. I have an I am acrylic teapot and cup necklace. I love it I'd wear it everywhere if I could

  3. Just ordered the wooden bird necklace -- hey, he's got an acrylic beak! Love it all!

  4. Just ordered the wooden bird necklace -- hey, he's got an acrylic beak! Love it all!

  5. Ooh that mountain cheeseboard is amazeballs! I love acrylic jewellery - Designosaur are one of my favourites and much more reasonable that Tatty Devine :) xxx


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