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Wednesday 22 January 2014

Tall Girl Treat: One Seven Three


A new tall range is worth a fanfare, amirite! I was originally saving up One Seven Three for when their first range of dresses comes out later this season - but why wait? Bookmark it, people!

One Seven Three launched quietly in August as the brainchild of Claire Reed, who is a sensible, proper TGT height at 6'1. She has put together a capsule collection of chic, easy-to-wear pieces in quality fabrics. Everything is made in the UK (hoorah) under the beady eye of a team of people who make sure the measurements are right for tall girls (double hoorah!). That means no cheese cutter waists but proper sleeves, good length and yes, waists where your waist actually is. They are investments - pricey ones. And that's often the pay-off for anything decent that fits us tall girls.

The Audrey jacket (above) is £175 and available in sizes 8-16. And no, the sleeves aren't that short, you can roll 'em up. Also: that shirt. Where can I get one, please?

Do you lust after a trench coat but dis-lust having the waist up under your rib cage? Try the Alexa (£225, sizes 10-16). It's perfectly proportioned for the properly tall.


I love the Cos-ness of the Stella coat. It's so androgynous and stylish. It's also made with a wool-cashmere blend to keep you cosy, which, given I chose my coat based on how many layers of knitwear I could fit underneath it, is extremely important. It's also £199 and available in sizes 8-16.

All I want from 2014 is a pair of really gorgeous trousers. No more jeans. I fell in love with the Hepburn (£110, sizes 8-16). Smart, pressed seams, lovely thick fabric, stylish length and black. Claire kindly sent me some to try on. While they didn't quite do the job for me around the waist - my preference is to feel properly sucked in - I loved the leg.

Claire has plenty more planned for One Seven Three, and I really look forward to seeing what happens. With Lanky Bird quiet, and Amber and Jade closing for good, we really need a bright, gorgeous tall fashion brand to go stellar. Good luck Claire and One Seven Three!


  1. I hope they expand above size 16, or I shrink below size 18 - wonder which is more likely?!

  2. Aw, I always wanna wear all the tall girl clothes. That Mac is delicious!

  3. Wow, that is the very mac that I've been looking for for the past seven years! Sadly I can't see myself being able to afford to buy it for the next seven years... Will have to keep hoping that Topshop come up with a good tall mac.


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