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Wednesday 15 January 2014

Sluttery Travels: Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh

I've been wanting to write about Hotel Missoni in Edinburgh for ages now, but I've always been put off by their website. It's all sliding frames and useless swishness (a common problem with designer hotels). I get so frustrated that I've always ended up telling you about a different boutique hotel instead.

But now this gorgeous hotel is part of the Mr & Mrs Smith collection. They've got a gorgeous, fun to browse and spend imaginary money kind of website. They're my favourite kinds of websites.

The Missoni hotel does two things brilliantly: pattern and colour. And it splashes them about all over the place along the Royal Mile. I want to wear my most colourful things in this hotel and clash with everything.

Too much? Nope. Somehow, impressively, not at all. The muted grey accents stop the design from giving you a headache.

I do like those colourful little bottles. And that purple wall! Everything about the hotel is bright and bold - the bar and restaurant are so vibrant and ideal for refreshing drinks before heading back out to explore the city. Edinburgh is such a beautiful destination for a weekend away. Rooms at Hotel Missoni start at £158 for a double and I'm very tempted to pack my brightest outfits and book a little trip.


  1. See that round sofa. I got engaged there. Best hotel ever!

  2. We stayed there about 18 months ago - gorgeous hotel! So helpful and just generally fab :)


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