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Monday 13 January 2014

Sluttery by Post: The Wanderers Society

I have a serious case of wanderlust at the moment. I'm off to fucking Bruges in a couple of weeks but I'm already planning trips to Spain, Ireland and Scotland before summer. Itchy feet doesn't even begin to cover it.

I mentioned Herb Lester in my creative resolutions piece and spotted the membership service The Wanderers Society which sounds perfect for desk explorers like me. Right now I have seven hotel websites open in my browser and I don't even know the dates of my next holiday.

The Wanderers Society is brilliant paper-based inspiration. When you join you get a brand new guide as well as a lovely notebook. And you get a badge to show that you're a Wanderer and I do love a badge. Each month you'll get a gorgeous new map from Herb Lester, as well as 15% off any other guides you like the look of. They'll also send you postcards and other fun things across the course of your subscription. Except plane tickets. They don't send you those.

The Wanderers Society costs £50 a year, so it's absolutely the perfect gift for adventurers. Especially if most of their adventuring is done while playing about on a laptop. You don't really make a saving on the guides themselves - they're £4 each plus about 70p postage - but the guides are definitely worth that. So much work goes into them.

Happiness would be spending a year jumping on a plane to whichever destination Herb Lester decided to tell me about that month. Such is the power of a beautifully illustrated map.

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  1. Has this stopped now? I realise it was posted a while ago but it sounds so good...


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