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Thursday 22 July 2010

Cocktail Hour: Sailor's Kiss

Hello, I'm Michelle - new Domestic Slut reporting for duty! Right then, starting as one means to go on I have decided to share with you all my very own personal recipe for a cocktail I created last year when I was just a slight wee bit obsessed with Sailor Jerry rum. This recipe does taste best with the original recipe Sailor Jerry's so if you still have a bottle stashed away you may want to break it out and give it a go (or you could always send it to me as I am hoarding the stuff as not so keen on the new recipe). Otherwise use the new stuff or give it a go with Morgan's Spiced Rum or similar which I am sure will be just as lovely!

And hey, remember, there are no hard and fast rules here so feel free to experiment with the quantities and ratios to your own personal taste.

You will need:
  • 2 measures of spiced rum (original recipe Sailor Jerry's is my personal preference)
  • 1 measure of almond liquer (I use Disarrona Amaretto)
  • Apple and Raspberry Juice
  • A lime quarter
Shake it!

Fill a tall glass with crush ice, pour in the rum and almond liquer and add the apple and raspberry juice to taste. Give it a nice swift stir with a swizzel stick, add a squeeze of lime and enjoy!


  1. sounds good! i'll be trying this soon i think..

  2. Welcome Michelle. What a good starting post. Noted!

  3. Hey Michelle

    Looks like a great recipe, which I must try!! What's different about the new recipe Sailor Jerry?

  4. Thanks guys!

    Mookomatic: I have been told that the new Sailor Jerry is missing the vanilla

  5. Here's what Sailor Jerry says about that:

    "In a nutshell the recipe has been aligned with the original US recipe, this has meant that the added sugar has been removed and the lime reduced; both of which you can reintroduced yourself to suit your taste.

    These changes also mean that the vanilla has become more prominent (not removed) and the cinnamon comes through more."

    So it hasn't been removed! I was getting worried there for a moment - as the vanilla is my favourite part.


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