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Friday 16 July 2010

Lovely Luggage: Upcycled Suitcases from Uoldbag!

I'm not sure whether I've developed a fetish for suitcases, overnight bags and vanity cases of all kinds, shapes and sizes, or whether my sudden desire to drool all over any luggage associated with travel is just because I'm so desperate for a holiday. But either way, it was bound to be bad news for my bank balance when I discovered Uoldbag! over on Bouf.

Their design concept is a simple one: find gorgeous vintage suitcases in need of some love and attention to make them look lovely again, and decoupage them with equally vintage and romantic images or materials to give them a new lease of life. This one has been jazzed up with a vintage print of a Brighton coast map, and then lacquered to make it waterproof. Perfect for a trip to the seaside, or for decorative storage of essential but unsightly items. It's £153, reduced by over £100 from an original price of £255.

With this vanity case, they've used a slightly different material, and decoupaged vintage crochet patterns onto it, giving a lace-effect to the surface of the case. It's £96, reduced from £160, but it'd look lovely used as a handbag when paired with a lace-trimmed vintage frock.

This briefcase-style contraption is probably my favourite of them all. It's been decorated inside and out with pages from a vintage comic, and it's romantic and whimsical enough for a weekend adventure away, but not so old-fashioned that you'll feel like an extra from a sepia film featuring sad goodbyes on railway platforms. It's £96, reduced from £160. Although I'd be tempted to trawl nearby jumble sales and charity shops for some unloved luggage and seeing if I could give it some olde-worlde glamour myself before I splashed out those kind of prices, I love the idea and the designs they've used. Now I just need a ticket to an exotic destination, and I'm set.

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