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Thursday 1 July 2010

What do the Sluts drink?

There aren't many cocktails that the Domestic Sluts won't sample. But we all have our go-to cocktails, the ones that don't appear on every menu, but when we spy one, we have to order it. And even if we have a summer flirtation with Pimms and mojitos we'll always go back to the old faithful.

It's the drink that makes us smile when our friend has already ordered us on when we're running a little late. The one that'll make you smile when you've had the worst day ever. And probably, the drink that'll make you stay out way past your bedtime. So what do the Domestic Sluts drink?

Siany: For me, it's the bellini. No matter where my cocktail travels take me, I always end up back with the bellini (although if you pour me a decent margarita I'll be your friend for life). I can even convince myself that they won't give me a hangover the next day. It's a lie, they do. So much fun though.

Sarah: My favourite spirit is gin, so most gin cocktails suit me just fine. Think strong, pungent concoctions like Gin Fizz or Tom Collins. Bob Bob Ricard's rhubarby house gin'n'tonic is also worth a mention. Right now though, my favourite cocktail is white sangria from Pinchito Tapas. It's a summery spin on the classic drink, with prosecco replacing red wine and, if you follow them on Twitter, they'll send you a buy one, get one free voucher so you can try it out.

Abi Anything involving berries is an instant win for me, so any variation on the Bramble will get you into my good books. Sloe gin is an all-time favourite ingredient, and I'm really looking forward to gooseberries coming into season so I can start muddling them like there's no tomorrow. Green cowboy martinis are a great way to enjoy this very British summer fruit.

Sel: My go-to cocktail is a Long Island Iced Tea, my theory being why stop at one or two spirits when you can have five?! You do get variations but for me there should be nothing but vodka, white rum, tequila, gin, triple sec, lime and possibly a dash of sours which, when poured over ice, leaves only the smallest of spaces for a splash of cola for colour and sweetness.

Alex S: Like Sel, I'm generally happy with a Long Island Iced Tea (a.k.a The Catch-Up Drink) but I discovered Dark 'n' Stormy not too long ago. It's a very simple rum and ginger beer concoction that's sweet, strong and a bit fizzy. Which is pretty much perfect for my tastes. Unfortunately I've yet to find a decent one in a London bar, but I'll happily settle for the cupcake version.

Frances: Got to agree with Abi and go for the berry delicious Bramble. I like cocktails that are so fruity you feel like you're being healthy while you're (in a responsible manner) knocking them back. As with the perfume I wear, I also have a soft spot for floral flavours, like this Elderflower Martini. Yum!

Alex E: I used to be a Bellini girl like Sian, but ever since I holidayed in Brazil this year it's been all about the Caipirinha. The Cahaca liqueur in it gives you a dirty hangover, but it's so worth it...

Got a favourite cocktail? Tell us in the comments!

Flickr image from Ambernambrose's photostream.


  1. For me - its a Bakewell - Amaretto and Cherry liqueur,shaken with cranberry. Mmmmm.... lovely! Failing that though, Black russian is my more popular fallback!

  2. Caipirinha forever... mmmm....

  3. I LOVE Moscow Mules, especially with Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer as the mixer. ; ) Miss Cay and I should get on fabulously!

  4. A Bakewell cocktail sounds amazing!

  5. An amarretto sour - delicious and reminds me of sunny holidays in France with great friends.

  6. Wow, you might have converted me to the Bakewell!

  7. Best one ever (I've been checking, slowly!) is made by a barman called Andy who owns Plain and Fancy in Winchester - the man is a genius!

  8. A cocktail I love that made a comeback a few years ago is the Sidecar. I'm going to hunt one down next time I'm in the states or start making my own. For the more widely available cocktailes, a well-made margarita or mojito will do nicely.


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