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Tuesday 6 July 2010

Take another little piece of my heart

Wow, I've been away for one week and in that time, the Domestic Sluts have eschewed cupcakes, in favour of biscuits! I did not get this memo! Suddenly biscuits are all very fashionable again, and who am I to argue? I think I often preferred them anyway (they're much easier to eat in bed with a cuppa).

We're probably going to tell you lots of yummy biscuit recipes over the coming weeks (and erm... sample any that we can get our grubby little mits on), but I need pretty cookie cutters too. Kicking off with these heart-shaped cookie cutters from Bob by Post. Awwww, they're broken in half. Sad heartbroken little cookies! I'll have to eat them all and put them out of their misery.

The set is £10.50 and even comes with a cookie recipe. Obviously I'll have to try that too.


  1. Squee! I must own them! The Cox & Cox jigsaw cookie cutter is pretty nifty too.

  2. Got them, and by the time you have baked the cookie, it has expanded and the halves no longer fit together. Boo!


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