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Friday 9 July 2010

Friday Fun: Bad Bunting

Now we're finally getting to season of garden picnics, barbecues and outdoor boozing, a bit of sunshine inevitably makes everyone want to make the most of the warm weather. But if you've got guests outstaying their welcome, drinking your rum and waking up next door's kids with their raucous outdoor behaviour, politely wrapping up a night of frivolity can be tricky. Luckily, you can invest in some of this brilliantly-named 'Bad Bunting' for £15 from Twisted Twee, to be impolite when you don't dare. As well as this design, there's also 'It Will End In Tears' (suggested for World Cup parties, engagements or weddings!).


  1. oh my word - the bad bunting makes me hyperventilate with delight. Must.Have.

  2. That is great!! Bad bunting is the way to go. e x

  3. Thanks for the comments, glad you approve!


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