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Friday 23 July 2010

Etsy Pick: Priscilla Pink Lily Hairclip

I am to be married next month and, as my beau and I are both fifties throwbacks, we are eloping to Las Vegas for the big day. As is obviously only fitting when one is being serenaded down the aisle by Elvis in a 1950's diner, I will be wearing a beautiful dress, in a turquoise hibiscus print, made from an original 1950's pattern. So far so good but I have been having momentous problems finding the perfect piece to perch upon my pomped up hair! I had been long flirting with the idea of a birdcage veil, which to be honest I can whip up myself, but I really wanted something a bit more. Then I found this beauty...

I introduce you to Priscilla, a double pink lily hairclip from the TikiTearaway gals, two strolling strumpets for the tropical shores of the North East of England. And guess what, Priscilla costs a mere $10 - TikiTearaways my wedding and I salute you!

You can also find the TikiTearaways on Folksy where I have been eyeing up a set of cocktail umbrella hairclips, because quite frankly what up-do isn't going to be improved by the inclusion of a cocktail umbrella!


  1. I love this! I will definitely be investing in one these next pay day. And congratulations, your wedding sound like it's going to be amazing!

  2. I LOVE that hairclip - but not as much as I love that model. Miaow!

  3. Thank you! You have just solved my 'need something to wear to a wedding but hate fascinators' issue. Gorgeous.

  4. You'll have to show us pictures of your wedding - it'll be fabulous if that hairclip is anything to go by!

  5. I'm just hoping I look as good in it as the model does! I will be showing off many pictures of the wedding for sure!

  6. Michelle you are going to look AMAZING!

    Emily and Katy

    ps- HAve a little peek at our website this Wednesday for our launch of all things spectacular and layout (phew we have been working hard!) x


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