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Tuesday 6 July 2010

Martine Wester's Fortune Bracelet

I'm not often a bracelet wearer. I've got skinny little wrists so often they feel like they're going to slip off, and spending the day typing away is annoying if you're wrists are making jangly noises. But I love jangly jangly noises. They're fun! I also like jewellery that nods to the past without trying to look like it's older than it really is. Those bits of bling aren't fooling anyone.

This Martine Wester charm bracelet is limited edition at Lytton and Lily and has 17 jangle-happy charms around it. I'd probably end up swinging my arms about in crazy gestures, just so I made more noise. More noise than I usually do anyway. It's like your very own pretty little musical instrument for just £25.

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