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Tuesday 27 July 2010

The winner of the Calvin Klein shoes!

Wow, that was our most popular competition EVER. You guys are super friendly and chatty when you want our shoes. But, we only had one pair, and we've only got one winner. Who who who?!

@jessawells! We picked her entry at random out of the comments, and she had this to say:

"Such scrumptious shoes! In true Domestic Sluts style I'd wear them to my first W.I. meeting, paired with a tweed shift and lashings of red lipstick. Who said jam and jerusalem can't be sexy?"

We approve of this wearing, and we demand to see photos of them in action! Congratulations!

Jessica, just email us, tell us what colour and what size you'd like, and we'll get Rubber Sole to send them out to you ASAP. Thanks so much everyone who entered! We promise to do more competitions soon, but you should check out the sale at Rubber Sole for more shoe prettiness.


  1. Well done!!! A worthy winner.
    My friend is a member of the W.I and says it's jolly good fun.
    Younger gals needed.
    The perfect Victoria sandwich ( and some brillo shoes) will soon be yours.

  2. Thanks so much! :) Yes my local W.I. in York sounds excellent, lots of crafting and wine-tasting and baking. Will have to get my newly-shoed self there, pronto!
    Thanks for your kind congratulations

    Jess xx


  3. Cripes!!, I live just outside York.
    Small world.
    Have fun. xx


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