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Monday 12 July 2010

Like and Dislike stamps at the Tate

There are many things that the Domestic Sluts like getting in the post. Handwritten letters, chocolates, postcards, takeaway menus from a new place we haven't heard of, the new Cox & Cox catalogue. They're all very very lovely indeed.

But there's a lot of things we get in the post that we don't like. Credit card bills (actually, bills of any kind). Those cards that tell you when the postman has been while you were out. Anything that looks like it might be from the bank.

In my bid to become more organised, I'm going to buy these stamps from the Tate shop. I'll just stamp all of my letters and papers with "like" and "dislike"! It's the simplest filing system there is! Excellent plan.

Can I stamp boys' foreheads too please?

Thanks to Jenn May for telling us about these over on our Facebook page!

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